moving to Czech in 2015..Is there work for me there?

Good day to all...
     My name is Mike and I will be living in your Great Country soon.
My Wife is from CZ and we are moving there for the way of live.. that is not living with rush and the go..go..go of Canada..
    So my question is,, what kind of jobs are open to me there..
I will tell you about me ...I have worked in constrution for most of my life... residental,,commercial and highrise building..7 years hands on and 14 years as a supervisor... Two years in the geothermal field as a supervisor,, and right now I am work as a mechanic on heavy equipment dump truck, bull dozer,and excavators..
I can do almost anything from painting your car,, to a tile back splash in your kitchen... operating bull dozers ,,rubber tire and excavators .. I also speak and write english ,,
   So if you might know of some opening coming up are a place i can send a CV please
let me know .... thanks for everything
Take care


Hi Mike,

I am not so sure, but I think, to find a job in area of your expertise wouldnŽt be an easy job, especially in czech without knowledge of local language. In this area, there are plenty workers form eastern europe (which are, by the way without work - building industry goes down for 3 years in row aproximattely by 15-20% - government stopped investments into big projects). They press the pay down. I think, in Prague could be easiest wat to act as english teacher, or some office assistant in branch of some international company.

Maybe someone will have more optimistic view of jobs situation here in Prague than me.

See you.

P.S. Why you want to move to Czech? Everyone, who can is moving in oposite way...

Hello Frank.
  moving there because of what is going on here and the czech life style.. here is nothing but go go go..and tax goes up. the price of food goes up and the pay is still the same...
    there are also lots of people outta work here and soon to be more when the pan-am games are done here there will be another crash....i just don't want to life,with the rush and the life i am living...
take care


I recommend you first learn the czech language, then will be certainly more chance to find job. Then of course it depends on what you expect. It is important to clarify in advance where you want live, as some regions and cities are expensive and others a lot cheaper. But also the possibilities of work and earnings are in different places quite different. If you are crafted skilled etc. then you have chance to be also self employed on "živnostenský list" as your wife is czech she can help you with the formalities.

Not to mention hydro.. I dont know if you're from Ontario or not but OMG my Hydro is now more than half my rent EVERY MONTH! were paying 100$ a bill for debt retirement ... when the debt was payed off almost 10 years ago!!! I HATE how this country is run!!

You might be OK for a while without Czech if your supervisory experience can net you a high enough position with one of the bigger multinational players in the Czech construction market. Skanska is huge here and a good section of central European construction is overseen from Skanska's Czech offices.

Here's a few very recent news articles regarding the construction market here that might give you some insight of the current and potential future state of it:]]]