The job market in Prague

Prague labour market
Updated 2019-10-28 13:05

The labour market in the Czech Republic and especially Prague is doing well. For several years, the unemployment rate has been one of the lowest in the European Union. In July 2019, the national average was 2.7 %, in the Prague region only 2.0 %. According to the statistics, it is not difficult to find a job in Prague, as there are many opportunities and only 0.3 job applicants per job vacancy.

How difficult is it to find a job in Prague?

In the Czech Republic, the unemployment rate is stable and below the European average. The national average is low, and in Prague, the situation is even better. Experts say that finding a job in Prague is easy. Of course, it depends on your qualifications, language skills and expectations. Is the job-search easy also for foreigners? How difficult is to get a job without speaking Czech? Let's have a look at the current situation on the expat labour market.

Thanks to the position in the centre of Europe, qualified, cheap staff with foreign language skills, the Czech Republic attracts many international companies. Especially in Prague, you can find many European headquarters and branches. But still, without knowledge of Czech, you can be overlooked by many employers; they will even not invite you for to the interview. If you speak only English (even as a native speaker), it can be hard for you to get a job. English combined with another language can make searching easier. As mentioned above, many Czech people have a good command of English and sometimes even other languages like German, French, or Spanish. If you have at least basic knowledge of Czech, your chances of getting a job improve significantly.

Jobs for expats in Prague

As a native speaker, you can get a job as a teacher. Teaching English is an excellent opportunity for expatriates to work in Prague. Since the demand for teachers is very high, you can get a job even without certification. Another sector where to search is tourism. Prague is a very popular tourist city which is full of restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, and experience companies. Guide, receptionist, property manager, or support specialist – you can also fit in these positions.

If you are more interested in office jobs, the choice is wider and opportunities broader. Many international companies have a shared services centre or a centre of excellence in Prague. What does it mean? A company separates all operational types of tasks and move departments like accounting, HR, IT, purchasing, or compliance away from the corporate headquarters. They usually move to another country, which is significantly cheaper and costs lower. Have a look on jobs search portal or directly on the career websites of companies like Exxonmobile, Accenture, DXC Technology, SAP, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Medtronic, SITA, ADP, Siemens, etc.

Prague's labour market offers start-ups and several coworking hubs as well. Without knowledge of Czech, it can be hard to get a job there, but there is always a chance to try. Website Startupjobs focuses on jobs like that.

Average salaries in Prague

Finally, the most important thing for all of us. What are the salaries and how much people in Prague earn? When looking for a job, most of the amounts and salaries are gross. Use a salary calculator to get your net salary easily. In the first quarter of 2019, the average gross salary in Prague was 41,450 CZK. This number can be a bit tricky, as only one-third of people achieve it. On the other hand, international companies pay more than Czech ones and expatriates can have better conditions. For example, higher salary, a bigger choice of benefits, cafeteria system etc. You can use Glassdoor to check the average salary for a specific company. Another useful tool is a salary guide published every year by Hays. It consists of average salaries for the whole country, and this guide is very detailed. You can download it for free and get information about specific positions. Below are a few common positions with their typical gross salaries:

  • Financial Accountant: 40,000 CZK
  • Internal Auditor: 80,000 CZK
  • Receptionist: 28,000 CZK
  • HR Specialist: 40,000 CZK
  • Customer Service Specialist: 35,000 CZK
  • Key Account Manager: 60,000 CZK
  • Marketing Manager: 130,000 CZK
  • Shop Assistant: 25,000 CZK
  • F&B Manager: 65,000 CZK
  • Reservation Manager: 45,000 CZK
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