I have received job offer - is it enough to live on?

Hi members,

I have received a job offer to live and work in Prague the pay is basicaly 20,000 CZK per month and an aditional 10,000 which is made up of showing up each day and also some kind of performance stuff. Basically if I meet the criteria I will get 30,000 per month and the chance to earn some bonuses above that. This money is before tax and social security payments are deducted I have been wasteful with money in the past so wont have a lot of savings to move with. Trouble is is UK I earn more than 3 times that amount per month and in Australia almost 5 times that money per month. Could anybody advise if I could still have a nice life in Prague earning this kind of money. I am English/Australian dual citizen who has a wealth of experience in Teleslaes and Telesales Management having worked in both Australian and British markets and been very successful. Im 37 years old and this would be the lowest pay of my life... I must admit though that I dont think I could stay where I am for much longer than another month so could do with a fresh start... And I think Prague sounds like an amazing place to start a fresh.

Any help and advice is really appreciated


Hi Scott,

30.000 CZK gross salary can be enough for living for 1 person but not much for saving money or enjoying the life on higher level. After tax and insurance, you might be getting around 23.000 CZK (more or less)and I dont know if you are looking for flat just for you or sharing with someone. If just for you, you can count at least with 9.000 CZK per room with kitchen per month. So you remain with 14.000 CZK.
Its possible to live in Prague with that salary but not enjoying the life as foreigners are expecting.
As expat, you would see higher salary for you. Are you going to be employed in a local czech company?


Hi Simonne,

Yes the job is being employed by a Czech company that is trageting UK companies re Sales. If im honest its the only job I have been able to find so far as I am restricted in the fact that I only speak English so must find a sales job that will employ an English speaker. I guess if its not really enough then I could always look at doing a weekend joba s well to keep me busy. I know the money isny ant=ything close to the money I have earnt in either Australia or the UK but I guess I must start somewhere. At the moment I am miserable living where I am so just want to live somewhere more exciting I guess : )

Thanks for your advice


I have receive job offer from Prague Czech Republic 5500 Euro European basically.Food and accommodation provided by company.This salary is enough in Czech Republic.I have bundle of question about Prague because i am a new person is there any problem living in Indian people.Some times i am afraid about p argue it's so far is my native place.Even i am not fluency in English also.Shall you advice me.

Thanking you

How did you find work? Are you currently living in Prague? I am looking to move to Prague in the near future from Canada and am not sure whether to try and find work first, or get my visa, move there, and then find work. Is that too risky? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. :)