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The Czech Republic is a relatively small land-locked European country bordering Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. Despite its miniature size, the country is home to a lot of historical attractions such as castles, ruins, medieval architecture, and more.

Why the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic often appears in the list of the best nomad destinations and has recently been confidently making its way to the top. Several things that make the Czech Republic a comfortable space for freelancers. First, the country’s location in Central Europe makes it a very convenient travel destination with easy access to Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. The Czech Republic boasts green rolling fields and quaint little towns paired with high-speed internet and a good selection of coworking spaces.

Best cities to work from

Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, is regarded as one of Europe’s most colourful cities. The city offers friendly coworking and entertainment environment and a much lower cost of living than other European capitals. The city’s cafes and coworking spaces make working remotely easy and convenient, and its rich history, vibrant cuisine, and entertainment scene make it one of the most interesting destinations for digital nomads.

While there are many charming cities and towns in the country, none of them are as popular as the capital. With that said, there are a lot of areas to travel to on the weekend or work for a few days from such as the resort city Karlovy Vary and the smaller towns of Olomouc and Liberec.

The internet and coworking spaces

The Czech Republic boasts one of the highest internet speeds in Europe with the average of 20Mbps. Almost all coffee shops will let you get online free of charge. Plus, there are over 100 Wi-Fi hotspots in Prague alone letting you stay connected at no additional cost while exploring the city.

There are a lot of coworking spaces in the country, and, especially in Prague. Local diners and coffee shops lure the location-free with an offer of delicious, reasonably priced, local dishes and free internet access.

Coworking spaces in Prague

Locus Workspace, Slezská 857/45

Impact Hub, Drtinova 557/10

K10 Coworking, Koperníkova 2204/10

Leisure in the Czech Republic

The modern Czech Republic was once the historic region of Bohemia. Here, you will find a large number of medieval castles, old bridges, cathedrals, and old town squares. Walking down the streets of Prague is like a stroll through a history museum. One of the country’s most scenic destinations is Bohemian Switzerland, a picturesque mountainous region along the banks of the Elbe River.

What to know before arriving

The Czech Republic is a member state of the Schengen Zone and is easy to visit and work from. If you are a resident of a country that is also a member state of the Schengen Zone, you can travel to the Czech Republic only with your National Identity Card. Alternatively, you must apply for a Schengen Visa prior to your travels, which will give you access to other countries in the region.

 Good to know

From the Czech Republic, you can travel conveniently to the neighbouring Germany, Austria, and Slovakia.

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