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Finance Specialist with Dutch
AB InBev
Permanent contract
Added on 19/02/2024
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Internship in the Czech Republic
Formerly known for its turbulent political history, the Czech Republic has since become one of the most industrialised countries in Eastern Europe. Located in the centre of Europe, the country offers not only stunning natural landscapes and a chance to get to know a different culture but also serves as the perfect gateway to discover other countries in Europe. Add to that a low cost of living and a wide range of career opportunities to explore, and you've got yourself the perfect destination for an internship.
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Work in the Czech Republic
Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is very welcoming towards expatriates. In fact, in February 2018, the Czech Foreign Ministry have announced that they would increase the number of foreign work permits issued annually to accommodate the demand for international expertise. Indeed, thanks to the country's dynamically developing economy, there are quite a few professional opportunities for expats to explore.
Setting up a business in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of an economic powerhouse. However, the country boasts a rapidly developing economy and provides fruitful ground for small businesses in various fields thanks to the relatively low cost of labour, rent, and a favourable tax environment compared to most other countries in Europe. 
Become a digital nomad in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is a relatively small land-locked European country bordering Austria, Poland, and Slovakia. Despite its miniature size, the country is home to a lot of historical attractions such as castles, ruins, medieval architecture, and more.
Added on 23/01/2024
Job candidates in Czech Republic
Fruit Picker
Permanent contract
Added on 25/01/2024
Added on 09/01/2024
Quality representative
Josef Kišac
Permanent contract
Okres Olomouc
Added on 04/12/2023
USD 2500
Electrical engineer/supervisor
Fixed-term contract
Okres Rokycany
Added on 19/10/2023
USD 6000
Jobs available in the country
Kebede Geleta Bekana
Permanent contract
Central Bohemia
Added on 27/09/2023
USD 2000
Added on 18/09/2023
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