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On moving to the Czech Republic, you will definitely have to access to telecommunications, whether for work, research or keeping in touch with your dear ones. The country hosts a developed telecommunications network involving several service providers. You can thus easily obtain a landline, mobile or Internet subscription. As offers are quite attractive, make sure to choose the one which best suits your needs and budget.

The telephony market

Despite modernisation and the widespread use of smartphones, landlines are still quite popular in the Czech Republic. In fact, service providers tend to include extras in their various packages.

Telefónica O2, Ceske Radiokomunikace, GTS Novera, CD-Telematika and VOLNÝ are some of the most popular landline service providers.

Most service providers offer packages that include calls to your favourite numbers at discounted rates. Moreover, rates generally vary according to hours. For instance, on weekdays, rates are higher during peak hours, unlike on weekend ends from 7 pm to 7 am the next day.


To apply for a landline, you can just drop by your favourite service provider's shop with your identity documents and proof of address such as your lease documents. Application can also be made online. Activation or installation generally cost around CZK 500.

In general, you will be made to sign a 12 months contract. However, you may terminate the contract provided you give a month's prior notice to your service provider. Moreover, in case the contract has not been terminated, it will be renewed one month before its expiry date.


There are several ways to get online in the Czech Republic.

The best way to get a high-speed web connection in the Czech Republic is through ADSL. You can connect to ADSL with a number of telecom companies in the country with Telefónica O2, (now Český Telecom) being the most popular choice. Note that in order to have an ADSL connection, you will need to have a landline installed as well – usually, these services will come in a package. You will also need to commit to a two-year contract upon the signing of which your chosen provider will supply and install all the needed equipment at little or no extra charge.

However, ADSL connection may not be available in all parts of the country. In this case, your next best bet is to go for a high-speed wireless connection, offered by a variety or big mobile network operators like Vodaphone or T-Mobile.

Alternatively, you can opt for cable Internet access: you will not need a phone connection for this just a cable modem hooked up to the TV cable. This connection can be just as fast as ADSL but is not yet widespread in the country being currently offered only by UPC.

Mobile phones

Telefónica O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and U:fon are the main mobile service providers in the Czech Republic. If you are in the country for a short time and are not willing to commit to a long-term contract, you could get a prepaid phone card. These cost between CZK 200 and CZK 500. As for postpaid subscriptions, you will generally be bound by a 24-month contract but will be able to make use of special offers, discounts, free airtime, extra call minutes, and more.

You can purchase a local sim card at your favourite service provider's shop by producing your identity documents. In the case of a postpaid subscription, you will also need proof of address as well as your bank statements.


Make sure to unlock your mobile phone so that it can be compatible with any local sim card.

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