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Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic has a comprehensive transport network including buses, trains, tramway, among others. Wherever you have settled, travelling could not be made easier. For short distance, you can also hire a taxi while long distances are covered by trains, buses and domestic flights. In all cases, choose the one which best suits your needs.


The Czech Republic has one of the most developed railway networks in Europe. Indeed, the network crosses national borders at not less than 30 different spots and serves most neighbourhoods. Where the train is not available, bus lines take the relay. Note that several train lines are not direct lines and therefore require switching from the train to other means of transport.

Crossing forests, trains are ideal for sightseeing. Moreover, train stations are usually charming historical buildings thanks with paintings dating back to the communist era.

České Drahy, which manages the Czech railway system, provides information on train lines, schedules, and rates on its website. In general, rates vary according to the number of passengers travelling, such as groups and couples, for instance. Regular travellers, for their part, can purchase an InterRail pass as a way to save on train journeys.

There are several types of trains operating in the country: commuter trains (called Osobní), inter-regional trains (called Rychlík), special regional trains (called Spěšný), express regional trains (marked by “ex”), Eurocity (EC) and InterCity (IC) trains, night trains as well as SuperCity trains (high-speed trains connecting big cities) and RegioJet trains (connecting the country to Austria and Slovakia).

You can purchase tickets for most trains right at the train station you are travelling from. However, some trains (like, for instance, the night train) require a prior reservation.

Bus and tramway

Although trains serve the whole country, it might be wiser to opt for the bus in some areas like Southeast Moravia, for example. Most urban areas are also served by a developed bus network and, for long-distance travel, buses may often work out to be quite a bit cheaper than trains.

Both buses and trams are continuously available as from 5 am until midnight. Each city has its own bus and tramway network. Find more information on bus and tram lines, including schedules, on the IDOS website listed in the useful links below.

Bus trips generally cost around CZK 30, depending on the region. Tickets can be purchased as soon as you get on board by inserting your coins in the intended yellow device.

For long distance travel, you can also make use of the popular low-cost bus lines like Eurolines or FlixBus connecting the Czech Republic to other countries in Europe.


Taxi services are provided by several companies and you will never have trouble hailing a cab in busy areas of big cities. You can also call a taxi company to book a transfer or use a taxi app.

In fact, taxi apps are becoming increasingly popular in big cities and are often a very convenient way to get around, especially for tourists and expats. Some of the most popular taxi apps include Uber, Taxify, and Liftago Taxi.

While getting around by taxi is probably the most convenient way of transportation (and quite inexpensive compared to other European countries), caution is advised, especially near airports, train stations, and other tourist areas. Make sure you are getting into a registered taxi (with a yellow roof lamp and a taxi sign), ask to turn on the taximeter and request a printed receipt.


The country’s main airport is the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague, which is the main entry point to the country. Other international airports are located in Brno, Ostrava, Pardubice, and Karlovy Vary. Most airports cater primarily to international flights, though domestic flights (for instance, between Moravia and Bohemia) are also available. Czech Airlines is the main flight operator in the country but other international companies have their flights passing through the country as well: British Airways, Delta, Korean Air, and others.

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