Help finding work - Native English speaker

I am looking for Helpdesk/Customer service work in Prague, where is best to apply for English speakers with no other language? I am studying here and need full time work, is there a preferred company that takes on the most English speakers? Any help required, I've sent so many CV's at this stage but to no avail and I need work as soon as possible,

Thanks :)


Hi Danny,

Competition is pretty hot for English language only customer service/help desk type positions but there are a few companies out there in Prague who do hire fairly regularly. If you don't have any experience in this kind of work it does make it harder as there are lots of native Irish, British, Czechs and other nationalities speaking good English in Prague that have already worked in these kinds of jobs before.

If you'd like to send me an email I'll see if I can give you any tips for places that you might want to try.

Good luck with the job hunt!
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Hi Danny,

Forget looking in Prague, try looking in Brno.

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