Living but not working in Prague

My wife and i work for a company in Sydney Australia.
For the year of 2010, My wife and i have been temporarily based in Kiev Ukraine.
And have been doing business development for Russia and CIS regions.

My wife and i would like to move to Prague for 12 months or more.

We would not be working or earning wages in Czech, as we travel to Russia and CIS for Business.
We would only be living in Prague.

Any one have any advice on the visa issues.


i am living in prague so far the visa is a nightmare   i am from texas sence the union you can stay 90 days and get out 90 days  that is 180 day 2 times a year no more going to another country  and staying a few days  i am here 1 month  found beautiful apt  but visa is the trick  you may email me  amy

I know what you mean, we are deciding if it is worth it at all, not sure, if i want to go through the hassle and stress.  Maybe easier to move back to Australia and apply from there.    We will be moving to Prague end of September for 2 months before our current visa has run out. Still hope to move there in the near future. Thanks for your reply.

Not certain if this would help you, but try getting a work permit (zivno) for your stay.

(moderated: no free ads please) they got me a work permit, rented me a PO Box (which gave me a “legal” street address – which you need for your work permit), and handled all the paperwork.

As far as I know, as long as you have the zivno, you can stay up to 12 months – and you don't actually have to be working.

Good luck!