What is the average salary for English teachers?


I'm considering a job in Prague, the job ad says 'competitive' salary, so I'm wondering what the average salary for teaching English in a High school is?

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In meantime, I invite you to read these articles on Work in Czech Republic. It can help.

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As I see u british, then I write the price in GBP.
The average monthly salary of a teacher in the Czech Republic is around 850 till 1000 GBP a normal 25 hour work week. There are schools that offer higher salaries depending on  performance and qualifications. Salaries in Prague, can be double that of  small towns.
Private native speakers teachers charged for 90 min between 12-20 GBP. Expect to pay 15-25% of your income in taxes tax depending on your total earnings.
average of 40 GBP is enough for a week's groceries
to dining out,you can buy a complete meal includes a beer for 6-6 - 6.50 GBP, cinema is about 4 GBP
Accommodations range between 200-250 GBP per month for a private room in a shared house.
or furnished apt. about 400-650 GPB per month(in cities like Prague)

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