Missing Child

A world wide appeal is going out to people to be on the lookout for ISABELLA KROG (2) and her father, CLINT REYNARD WALLEY(50) whom it is believed has kidnapped her.

Her father picked her up from school for an overnight stay on Tuesday (17th Jan 2011) and was meant to drop her at school on Wednesday morning. When her mother, Catherine Krog, went to fetch her on Wednesday afternoon they told her she hadn't arrived at school. Clint's phones were off, no-one is at his home and the neighbors have reported that he has not been seen there for some time. They have been missing ever since.

It is believed that Clint may have even left the country (South Africa) as early as Tuesday night. PLEASE, WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD, TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE PICTURES, SHOW YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND KEEP A LOOK OUT WHERE EVER YOU GO. The more people that know what they look like the higher the chances of little Isabella been found.

You can friend "Find Bella" on Facebook to keep up to date and get more information.

If you have any information that may help find her or have spotted them please contact

Lieutenant-Colonel Anton Booysen on +27 82 567 4187 or

Missing Children South Africa on +27 72 647 7464

For pictures of the two missing please follow this link:

Missing Isabella Krog

BREAKING, BREAKING NEWS!!! :))) 2 yr old Isabella "Bella" Krog`s been found in Kimberley unharmed & in reasonable condition. "Father" Clint & another male been arrested by SAP!!!

good news, thanks for letting us know