Belgium VISA process

Hi All,

I am Ram from Bangalore, i have got an offer from Belgium company and they mentioned they have filed the workpermit for me and asking me to go to belgium consulate for VISA.

Can anyone help me in this process, because i am not clear what i have to do now because so many details mentioned in Diplmatic .belgium. Can pls help me any one recently applied for VISA for work from india, it will be really great help.


Check VFS website for more info on D type of visa. VFS is the agency that is handling all visa applications to Belgium.

Indeed the paperwork is quite big, but pretty straightforward.

From my experience, below are the things that comes to my mind which you may need to apply for D type visa.

1. Original work permit that your employer will send to you after securing it from the authorities here
2. Medical certificate (legalized I guess - VFS does the legalization). If you are in Bangalore, St Johns hospital (Madiwala) is the authorized hospital to give you a medical certificate for Belgian visa application. If you call them and say you need medical check for Belgian visa application, they will guide you further with securing an appointment for it. They do this frequently and know the process and format of the certificate, etc.
3. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from India: … cOnlineApp   [If you have lived in any other country in the last 1 year, you may need PCC from that country too) - This must be apostiled by MEA. You will find many agents who can help you with apostile process. VFS also has aspostile service.
4. Medical Insurance - (or an undertaking letter from your employer stating that they will subscribe you to medical insurance when you are here)
5. Proof of accommodation - Booking reference of Initial stay when you arrive here and a letter stating you will (or your employer will assist you to) find a long term accommodation during your initial stay.
6. Signed work contract & offer letter in original.
7. Duly filled Schengen visa application form - You can download from VFS website the latest form.
8. Your original passport - Valid for at least 12 more months, with at least 2 adjacent blank pages.
9. Processing Fees: You may have to pay visa application handling fee in VFS in local currency. Additionally, as per new process, there is an additional administrative fee of 215 EUR or so, have to be paid to the Belgian immigration office (Part of the Internal Affairs Service) prior to your visa D application.  This must be paid in Euros. More info here: … ation.aspx
10. Photographs (specifications available in VFS website)

- Filled form and all documents - you need to make 2 copies of everything to submit the application. One original and two photocopies of everything.
- If you are moving with your spouse and child, there are additional documents you must collect.

Important: What I listed is from my experience and what I could gather.  VFS website is the source of truth. If you have questions, feel free to visit VFS office or call them.

Hope this helps..

EDIT: Processing fee or handling fee may have changed or become obsolete with the new single permit process. Consult your consulate or VFS for latest info.

Hi Ramana,

I am going through the same process now. You can PM me with specific questions so that i can let you know answers in addition to what Aneesh mentioned above.



I am applying for dependent VISA for my spouse, where as my WP and VISA is sponsored by Company. In this scenario, kindly let me know do i need to pay the additional administrative fee 215 EUR in advance before i submit her VISA application.

And if so how i can pay that amount EUR directly to Belgium embassy, as i am still in India only.

You must still pay the contribution fee.

Your bank in India can help on this. They will take equivalent INR and make the transfer in EUR. It is not possible to pay this directly to VFS/embassy in India.

You must follow the instructions in the DOFI website. A simplified version is here: … 263776.pdf

Thanks Aneeshks for the info. Quick question on the Work Permit B. Do i have to provide valid work permit to file for long-term Visa ?

I am yet to receive the work permit from the employer. So, can i mention the same in the Visa application and will they consider ?

I am kind of confused in this area.

Please let me know.

You must submit the original work permit with the D visa application.

New to this site, didn't know where to ask. So asking here.
I got offered a job in Brussels and the company wants to apply for the work permit for me. They have asked to send the documents for the application. They have not mentioned anything about legalisation of the documents, nor do they have much idea. Is it necessary to have apostilled documents for applying for work permit?

Any help is appreciated


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