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I have a job that I just do not like period. Not many speak english which makes things a little more difficult. I am looking for something that relates to Sales & Marketing but I would be open to any opportunity because I have very diverse skills in many areas. Please let me know any and all available options that you may know of in relation to my concerns. Thanks Expats!

I don't know if you're still looking but I know that in Groupon (I work there) they are looking for english speakers in various areas.
PM if you want some info

Yes I am!

We have some job openings but for now, only for EU nationals. Have a look here:


If you have job offers please place a free advertisement in the jobs section at the top of this page.

She did Richard

Is Groupon still hiring? I speant Native English.

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hi Daria,

how are you /
I saw your post late which was in Expat,
are you still looking for job ?


Gday! I'm seriously considering moving to Poland to find jobs. I've researched the job opportunities in Poland and wondering whether to land in Poland on a visit visa and look for jobs as employers might usually prefer candidates who are onshore to get interviewed and result in straight forward job offers or apply from overseas itself? Is it a good thing to stand in Poland on a visit visa and work in some casual jobs to support the expenses and simultaneously apply for full-time jobs? Your suggestions please?

To work, you need a work visa. If you find work on your tourist visa you must return home and apply from there. Depending on your work skills knowing the local language is a must which is Polish.

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