Looking for job in Warsaw


My name is Anton Rudyk. I just moved from Ukraine to Poland for studying. Live in Warsaw for three months already and am looking for job. I can work legally.

In Ukraine I worked as tutor and translator of English/Ukrainian and taught English to adults and children from 3 years old. My language skills are: English (very good), German (good), Ukrainian (mother tongue), Russian (very good), Polish (intermediate).

I am new here, so the idea is to fill all my spare time with good things.

And these are: sharing language skills (especially polish for me), biking (fixed gear), ice-skating, skiing, movies, photographing, movie shooting, theatre, folk, travelling, healthy cooking, healthy way of life...

But I'm willing to do any job available.

I would be very pleased for any useful information regarding ANY job in Warsaw.
M. 884 122 536

Best regards,
Anton Rudyk

Are you still interested?