Any job I can apply?

Hai I'm Mr selamat from malaysia I'm 31 year old I'm interested working at Warsaw anybody can help me. I'm diploma in finance from university uniten Malaysia... Any job I can apply .. Not finance only other also can.... Most important I have job..hope u all can help me.

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Hello selama,

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You can try to create your CV in the Jobs section- Jobs in Warsaw.

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Unless you know someone who can/will give you a job stay home.

Expat managers are interested in moving on from Poland. They do not like to distress their senior staff by inviting other foreigners into the company. Expat managers come and go but the local staff stay. They are a block to you.

People get jobs in Poland by asking their friends. And they keep their jobs because of Polish labour law. If someone likes you, you won't need any qualifications for work. It will come to you like social assistance whether you show up for work or are clever enough to use the Polish system and not show up but once a month.

So, 31 years old looking to start a career?  Seek another country.  Word from the wise to God's ear.

Hey hi, this is Shahzaib from Karachi, Pakistan. Its nice to hear that you are from Poland and in warsaw. I have been there in warsaw from February to March. It was really an awesome trip to poland. I spent good and enjoyable time there.I really wanted to go back to poland to settle or to find jobs. As i have made many friends there and i am considering moving there. Can you help me to guide the procedures about working in Warsaw. And how can i apply for the job. As i did internship as well during my stay in Poland. I have recently done Bachelors in Computer Science.

Waiting for your kind and positive response,


S.Shahzaib Ahmed

The easiest way to find a job in Poland is to work with employment agency. They will handle all the paperwork. Otherwise you have to apply for work visa and someone has to invite you - more at … w-trzecich

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