Native English Speaker from America


I am originally from the USA. I am interested in teaching people how to speak English. If anyone knows of any places that are currently looking and are in need of a native English speaker to teach, please let me know. I currently do not have teaching qualifications but I do have a Masters in Creative writing for Entertainment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Warrenton Maxwell

I am looking for a native tutor for my daughters. They are 9 and 11, both communicate in English. We live in Józefosław near to Piaseczno. Do you consider coming to pupil's place, what is the price of your teaching per hour?
Looking forward to hear from you,
Edyta Warzecha

Warrenton, what's up
My name is Marcus, and I have been living in Poland for some time now.
I can tell you about my experience teaching English here. Pro's/con's, how much you can charge and what you should expect teaching English. Let me know if your interested, by the way I'm from "Jersey" by way of NY. Talk soon.

Hey Marcus!
Nice to meet you man. I'm originally from South Carolina born and raised. I've been in Poland for 2 months living with my boyfriend who I met while i was staying in England after college. I would love to hear your experiences here. Do you work for a company or yourself? Do you have any teaching qualifications or trainings? Tell me every little detail don't be afraid to OVER tell me stuff because I am desperate to work. Thanks man and I look forward to hearing from you.

Well I must say I am rooting for the Panthers.
Anyway, everything I say is simply my own experience, so take it how you will.
I did take a course in the states (8 days) "How to effectively teach English to foreign language speakers" it has done ABSOLUTELY nothing for me.
In my opinion, you hold the "ace" card. Being a native speaker is good, but you are living in Warsaw where the competition is high. So now your "ace" just dropped to a "jack".
You need to have a few characteristics in order to assist people with there language.
Personality, Patience and Vocabulary need to know a wide range of words and meanings.
I am not sure of what the going rate is in Warsaw, I would say no less then 60zl an hour cash. If you go to work for a school then you will only make 20-35zl an hour.
Adults can be more fun then children, there is a ton of material for free on the internet.
I have become successful within a short period of teaching. I had no prior experience like yourself. So hopefully this has helped you a bit oh and one more thing.
The culture shock does lesson over time, but being in Warsaw is a good place to be in, if your gonna live in Poland.

How do you teach to foriegners? What are your methods? Did you register self employed? How do you find people to teach? Where do you meet them to teach?

Most adults just want conversation English, while children 3yrs-12yrs need some kind of plan. As I said, you can find so much material online. Just type in google teaching English.
I really don't rely on one method, I just use what I think the particular client wants. I have a Polish Green Card thru my wife. So for you, well you have 2 choices. You can either fill out all the paperwork to be legal to work, or you can go on your own.
You will find people thru word of mouth. Get your first client, this client will then tell everyone else. Give your lessons a full 60min. Some people do only 45, this will be better for the client. You can either ask them if they want the lesson at there home, outside or inside a place or your house if you choose.
What I would recommend is that you try doing this at a school. There are always postings on the website "Indeed". Registrar with this website and you will get daily job listings for English teachers. Try this to see if this is something you like, besides they would help you with all the necessary paperwork to work legal.
I found my first client thru a friend, so if you know other Polish people then tell them what you do. Get some business cards made up, 100 total. Hand them out to people in your area. As soon as people know you are a native speaker they love it. Most clients I talk with say they are much better with a native speaker rather then going to a school.

hie l am a native english speaker. from britain
  .and l would love to teach your child  engling

have you tried language exchange? they have a facebook page i think and lots of people who want to practice their language skills.

I havent tried it. i dont know how to teach. i have no teaching qualifications. a lot of english schools expect you to be qualified.


I will being moving to Warsaw in Otcober for graduate school.  I was thinking to teach English on the side to make a little extra cash.

Is it difficult to find to clients?

I taught english on the side before when I was living in China. However, finding clients was pretty easy there.

How did you teach english? which method did you use? I want to teach english here on the side because there are people ho wants to learn but im afraid that they will have questions that i dont know the answer to as far as grammar and things. Do you have teaching qualifications? How did you find clients and how long was the session? Sorry for the questions i just want to know everything about teaching english on the side.

Warrenton wrote:

I havent tried it. i dont know how to teach. i have no teaching qualifications. a lot of english schools expect you to be qualified.

A lot of students expect you to be qualified also.  It's a disservice to charge people for language lessons, when you're not qualified or equipped to do so.  These students/people then honestly believe they have learned English, but in reality cannot communicate effectively and on the level that they perhaps should, had they been properly instructed.  They've in part wasted their time and money.

You might want to look into TEFL certification, at the very least (A degree in Education or Linguistics obviously would be preferable).  Many students and language schools however might expect you to be familiar with the Cambridge exams here in Europe, as that is probably the most prominent and recognized English language program.  Also, that will mean being familiar with UK English, as opposed to American English....there are a lot of differences.