I'm looking for a job for my Indian husband

Hi guys. :)

I'm a Polish living with husband and child in India. We would like to move to Poland. We are looking for a job in Warsaw, but it's not easy to find one. My husband studied MBA in London and usually he was related with hospitality industry, working on manager positions. Currently he is working as a GM at call center. He knows English perfect, he speaks almost like native, but he doesn't speak Polish....he knows a few words only and this is our major problem.

In Poland I have lived in small town and there is no chance for a job for an Indian over there. In Warsaw we know nobody who could to help us.
If anyone knows about any job without Polish required I would be grateful for any info.

Thank you. :)

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You could post an advert in the jobs in Warsaw section.

We are looking for English Native Speakers who love to work with kids and are
able to.
Pedagogic background is an asset but not a must. We would like to co-operate
with people who are open have warm hearts and are full of ideas , suggestions
how to stimulate a young childs mind. People with different hobbies or keen
on sport, cooking etc.will surely find a job with us. We at the same time
will try to offer a great working team , fun atmosphere and adequate money to
work put in. Hoping for contentment for both sides. Our preschool is not a
typical child care center. We run by our own principles and expectations
therefore we are interested in working with all who can offer something new
and exciting, but most importantly must like working with kids. Our premises
are in the south of Warsaw.
If you are interested in working with us please send us your resume and
photos by email [email protected]

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You should please post your advert in the jobs in Warsaw section.

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I'm an Indian married to a Pole and living in Warsaw.  Send me your husband's CV and I'll reach out to my contacts

Czesc, czy udalo sie Wam przeprowadzic do Polski? Moze warto sprobowac poszukac pracy w Brnie, jestem tutaj od 3 lat i nie jest najgorzej, jest troche Polakow i ludzi z Indii tez:) Mam do Ciebie pytanie jak sie mieszka w Indiach, mialas prace, jest ciezko ja znalezc? Jak jest z bezpieczenstwem, nie bylo zadnych problemow? Che sie przeprowadzic niedlugo do Kerali i zbierm informacje... Gdybys miala chwile sie podzielic.. bede wdzieczna:)

Dobrej nocy i powodzenia!


Hi Leila!

As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?


w Kerala nie będzie żaden kłopot.  Ludzie tam są mili i miejsce tam jest bezpieczeństwa.  Ale uważaj bo jest gorąco i też tłum ludzie w miastach.  I normalny ludzie nie mowią po angielsku (i oczywiście nie po polsku!).   Moja żona mieszka ze mną w Bombaju i ona jest blondynka. Nie była kłopot, tylko czasem ludzie patryli na niej i t o nie było miłe.

Będziesz pracować w Kerala?   i dokładnie gdzie?

Armand wrote:

Hi !

As this is the anglophone forum could you please post in English?



Sorry, I meant to say -- Kerala is quite safe.  What are you going there to do?

Hello ,
can my husband send his Cv?

look our add:
My name is Kasia & I'm a polish lady,
My husband is an Egyptian Journalist and human rights activist, non profit one, from his hobby /He finished many human rights courses and workshops, conferences, also an international one, for example in Warsaw in 2011 year/,
He's name is Mostafa,
He has much of experience in his profession,
He's young, very professional, talented, self motivated, much ambitious, energetic, very intelligent, smart and educated, cultural, very handsome man,
He graduated political science, economy on Cairo University in Cairo, in Egypt /which is ranked by international press, higher than even polish Universities, like for example: Warsaw University, Jagiellonian University/,
He speaks english fluently, almoust /or even better :)/ like his native language: arabic and an egyptian- arabic, He also knows some french, but He doesn't speak much polish.., but He is learning hardly.. .
He has an interesting hobby, like: snorkling, ice skating, stock market, farex, cooking, fishing, travelling, IT, human rights activism, reading, writing, biking, sport, singing, music, dancing, kart racing, swimming, rally raids, billiards, etc.
He wants to move permanently to Poland, to me and our baby daughter, to settle down here, so HE is looking for a job right now, here in Poland, any kind of job.., He can even work as a teacher here, in any city or a village.., He loves kids a lot, has a great contact with them, soft heart, is full of innovative ideas,
Of course He's main profession are: a journalism, human rights activism, an economy, but He can work in any kind of job right now, especially for me /cos I'm on cancer treatment right now, here in Poalnd, so I can't be with him in his native country now, same ur baby daughter/, so if You know any.., Please- just let me know.
Thank You so much,
Best Regards,

Hello Kasia

Kindly note that the thread on which you are participating is inactive for over a year! Hope that you succeed anyways to get a work for your husband.

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Hi, any chance I can send my CV for a job? I'm a Bangladeshi currently in the UK as a law student.

Hi Topumasum,

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Please note that it is an old thread from 2014. It would be better if you drop an advert in the Jobs in Warsaw section of the website if you are looking for a job. You will be able to create your cv as well for employers to review.

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