Looking for a good US based Homeschooling Curriculum (K-5)


I just moved to Riyadh, KSA along with my wife and kids. I'm looking for a reputable accredited home schooling curriculum for K-5. I wanted to know what to look for when selecting a curriculum and which State, if any, provides the best resources?

Any helpful information is welcomed.

The general research suggests all home schooling kids are far weaker that those attending a real school.
That, according to the various researchers, is down to lack of contact with teachers and no peer to peer learning.

Just a general thought on the subject you might wish to consider a google or two on.

Email your former school district and see what online school they have. 

Or google k12 online schools. 

There are students in the KSA who are homeschooled and then once a year go back to their home states and complete required yearly testing.

My small brother is doing that currently, it's called keystone school online, it excellent. The school teachers from k-12

Thank you. I haven't thought of contacting my home school district, but I'll definitely do that.

Hello!  I homeschool my 3rd grader and my kinder level child.  We use Calvert through the US.  So far we have had a good experience.  They offer a lot of support through their program.  We have other families on our compound that use the same program.  There is also K-12 through Dubai.  I have heard great things about them as well.  Good luck in your search!

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