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Hi all,

My name is Shy, currently in Doha Qatar. Me and  my fiance are both living and working in Doha Qatar for 4 years now and thought it is the best time to move :)

My fiance has been offered a job in Malta (he is Brit so easy for him to get a permit to work), and is moving from Doha. Looking around to take my first step to move as well. As TCN, I wonder how easy it is to get an Accounts/Finance job. Or are there Agencies I could contact to help me out get a job even with a fee?

Thank you in advance!


As a TCN, an employer would need to prove that no EU citizen could fill the vacancy before employing you.  If you're a fully qualified accountant this may be possible buy otherwise your chances are slim. Good luck!

Thanks lambada.
I am still studying for a CIMA qualification.
I was worrying about that actually. :(

Hi Shy

Konnekt are a recruitment agency who recruit for accountancy and finance positions in Malta, maybe you could contact them to get info about current availability and potential of being hired.

Good luck

Any recruitment agencies in malta that could help me land a job as a nurse or related to my profession? Im an asian nurse. Thank you...

Hi Felinefine81,

Ta! I just got a confirmed skype interview with Konnekt for Monday :)
Crossing my fingers. I was bothered and worried that I might end up with Scam Recruitment Agencies. but knowing this, I now know I am on the right track.

Thanks again :)

I think if you can prove your relationship with your fiance over time, then you are classed as a EU freedom of movement. I know wives, kids and stuff all go over with the British passport, I imagine partners also classify.

Contact People & Co. Email: [email protected]. Website: You can also find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hi my name is Mukesh joshi I want apply Malta and any chef job if any good agency or direct owner if u need pls contact me .my no.***** iam live qatar now .


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@Mukesh Joshi ok


Hi my name is Mukesh joshi I want apply Malta and any chef job if any good agency or direct owner if u need pls contact me .my no.30990660 iam live qatar now .
-@Mukesh Joshi

The only help we can offer on this forum is to suggest you look in the jobs section and perhaps post a CV.

Other than that, as we are nor a recruitment agency we can not help.