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Hi all,

I am from India Married to a Finnish Person presently living in UK.

I am currently employed in UK and contemplating on moving to Finland, I have been to Finland quite a lot but on holidays and I particularly don't like the winter here as they are long and Dark.But Do like the other aspect of it which is bright white snow.

I just like to find out with you about the job prospects in Finland in IT. I specialise in Routing, Switching, Firewall,VOIP, I am Cisco and Microsoft certified.

Can you please let me know where can I approach for job in these areas.
I have tried online jobs site without much success and wondering if there is another way to try.  I am presently in Finland in Jyvaskyla on my annual leave and think of going to jobcenter  which is local.

Any other suggestions?


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I hope you will get some responses soon!


Try to find a Finnish recruiter who places folks on contract in various companies here. I got a job here via an internal referral.

Unfortunately my company has nothing to do with Networks else I would have tried to get some contacts.

Let me check with others and I will drop you message incase I find some contact.

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I have seen your post, and see you are looking for a job. I might have something for you though it is not in IT.

Maybe we can have a quick chat.

Just let me know if you are still interested.

Hello behertzberg,

Please note that this is a very old post ( 2010 )

If you want to make an offer, please post in the Jobs in Espoo section please. :)

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