Looking for an IT job in espoo/helsinki

Hello everyone!I am a results-driven IT professional with strong knowledge of Computer Software specializing in the design, analysis, implementation, testing and support of diverse software systems. A dedicated and active learner. A motivated team player committed to completing the assigned tasks in an orderly and timely manner. A lively person with good communication and documentation skills. I have recently moved to finland and looking for a job related to my profession. Please help me searching in the right direction and as soon as possible.

Hi muneeh and welcome on board!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs section of Espoo classifieds.


ok thanks

I also suggest http://www.mol.fi/paikat/

in Kunta write your home city and check if you find any job that sounds like something you could do

Hi Guys, To indroduce myself - I am Shyam currently working in Bangalore India. My company is asking for me to shift to Finland and the package they are offering is 46000 Euros. I am married. Is this salary ok and would also like to know what is an avaerage Indian salary working as consultant with 8 years as experience

[Moderated: please post in jobs section]

Your proposed salary is okay. Oh, do you have many children? Is your wife working too? If she is not working, that salary is enough to live on, but not for leading a lavish lifestyle.