Odds of getting a job in finland


This questions are for the members who are already in finland ...

What are the chances of getting a job in finland in does not matter city ?
Is it possible to continue school there with other countries diplomas ?


Hi hass,

May be some more details about the kind of jobs might be helpful to provide you the information you your are looking for. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

the title of the post is "odds of getting a job" i repeat "a job" meaning any kind of job

this forums in this website are not helping at all, i didnt find any straight answers there is just people replying with non sense answers, the admin have to do something about this

Abdelhass, the reason why nobody has answered is that we don't know! And can't know. Nobody can promise that you will find a job. Only God knows.

Your questions are too all-encompassing. It is easier to answer a more specific question, like what's the unemployment rate for nurses, for example. That sort of info is not much work to dig up. But do you expect us to dig up the same information for every single kind of job? That is asking way too much. We are not paid to serve you, you know.

Sometimes people come here asking for "all possible information needed to move into Finland". That is really lazy. Why don't they Google "Finland", and then come here with more specific questions?

As concerns your question about continuing your studies in Finland, yes, that can be done. It depends on whether Finland recognizes your degree from another country and on how valuable they regard it. I have written about this here before.

It might be a good idea to read the answers to other people's questions. I don't care to repeat the same things over and over.

That was a very aggressive answer. Nobody pay you to reply on forums, still, you do it with your own terms, so you are telling me to be more specific, i can't do that, because you are the one living there, not me, and answering a global question about any topic is easy, all what the one have to do is to write his opinion about what he is experiencing in his environment, it happened "odds of a job ..." to be the topic over here, so without digging up, the answer is really easy ... ive been on other forums before, and they answers my VAGUE question with all kind of details, because that's what people do, they help each other, they don say things like "you dont pay me so ill not do this for you", Americans have that principal, everything about money, and again your aggressive answer is not Welcome, peace

Hi abdelhass,
where are you from:)?I am thinking if you need visa etc. There are international degrees in finland you could apply to- do you have a ba or so? There is always a spec time period you can apply but it depends on the university etc etc. I know quite a few foreighn people who are studing in english.
in means of the job, the re are companies who operate in english, but can you give some indication which sort of job you are looking for! Eg if you have an area of expertice? It will be easier to research.


thank you for replying is very kind from you, well i have a degree in mathematics (bachelor degree), a master degree in software engineering, and a master degree in behavioural sociology, and other diplomas, but the the ones i mentioned are proven internationally, when i posted about this topic, i wanted to know, the odds, meaning, despite the degrees or the capacities of the one, what are the chances to get a job, for an example a man living in japan, with a master degree, the odds for him to find a work is 64%, without taking the time a variable. am from morocco, and about the resident card, ive already have it, am waiting for the holidays and ill be there soon; thx Eeva84 for your kind concern.

I have seen your post, and see you are looking for a job. I might have something for you.

maybe we can have a quick chat.

Just let me know if you are still interested.


I'm interested and i live in ivory Coast, i'm holder of BA, could you give more information? at this address: jeanmarctoti@gmail.com  if you like, thank you in advance.