New Yorker in Salzburg

Hello all,

Seems like I'll be the first to post in a while.

I'm a native New Yorker and Middle School teacher who moved to Salzburg in September. I have a long term contract with an International School and am also in a relationship with an Austrian, so I intend to stay here for quite a while. :)

I'm in the novice stages of learning German and also trying to get used to living here. (Still haven't found the local Post Office. :P ) If anyone is left and is offering meet-ups, I'm totally up for it.

Hope to see you around.



Hi Chrissy, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

Welcome :)

Hello Chrissy,

I am in the same boat and I am completely new to this place. In a separate note, i wrote an introductory mail to you. If you are interested, we can meetup.


Hello Srini,

You seem to be back and forth very often! I envy that freedom. I'm back at work after a fairly long vacation and don't have much free time (I'm a teacher)...however, I will be posting on here again in April when I have my next long break!

Enjoy Munich!



Hi Chrissy!
I am also recently moved lining in Salzburg from bklyn, ny. I don't speak German yet and I just found the post office! Lol! I would love to meet up for a coffee sometime. I moved here because of my husband and really want to make my own friends and start my life here. Hope to meet you!

Hello Jenny1206 and welcome to!

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Thank you,

Hey there,

Not sure if anyone is still reading this.  Maybe Jenny?  But if my work visa is approved, I'll be moving to Salzburg in about a week from NY / NJ.  In fact, I lived in Brooklyn for a while too.  Would love to meet up with anyone!  Feel free to send me an e-mail at nmmcquiston[at]

Hope to chat soon,

Not sure if this post is still going but my family and I recenttly moved to Salzburg from MN.
I lived in NYC for 5 yrs before getting married and would love to learn about some of the local spots in Salzburg as well as find a babysitter for ournkidsnoff and on.

Thanks in advance!


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