Family accomodation & life in Ruwais

Hellow All,
I am Hafiz, and got an offer to work as a faculty at the Higher Colleges of Technologies (HCT), Al-ruwais, UAE.
I plan to moving there with a family (1w+1son of 4 yr), but unable to find family apartment (2 BR is enough for my family size) near the HCT, in Ruwais.
Can somebody help me finding a family accommodation near HCT? If possible, plz let me clarify if the housing in Ruwais is only for oil industries/ADNOC employees- as I have read this on another expat site? This may be a serious concern for me.
The company is providing family health insurance, kids education but not the accommodation. So, I would also like to know how is the life in Al Ruwais, specially cost of housing, kids education (KG2) and health facility in Ruwais?.

Your help, in this regard is highly appreciated;

Hello & welcome on board Hafiz

I invite you to drop an advert in the Housing in Abu Dhabi section of the site to increase your chances to find a rental. You may also check out rentals being proposed out there to have an idea of the cost of rentals.


I guess... this is very outside from AD.......
i guess, very remote area....
check on google

Can u help me some contact or information with family accomodation in Al Ruwais.AbuDhabi

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