Wondering where the best place to live is ?


Irish girl moving to Abu Dhabi in August for PE position and wondering where the best place to live is. Open to sharing if any girls are interested.

Karla x

Reem Islands is one of the best places to live in Abudhabi :)


For accommodation you can check https://abudhabi.dubizzle.com, It will help you.

Best of Luck

Hi ,
Best area to live in AD is near corniche , if you have transport available then its best to live in that area.

Jas  :|

Well the best place is definitely Reem Island. Its the place with max number of expats and modern high-rise buildings. The rest of the city is full of older buildings.

Hey Karla,

Did ya get sorted? I'm currently living over here in Abu Dhabi. I'm Irish as well, me and an English girl are looking at apartments to rent in Al Reef.


kjrocker wrote:

Reem Islands is one of the best places to live in Abudhabi :)

I second the opinion for Reem Island, one of the calm, clean and beautiful place in Abu Dhabi.

Hi terri no not yet. It's hard finding a place when you're not there. I'm defo up for house sharing to save the extra bob tho


Every one is recommended Al Reem however if you aren't going to be working on Abu Dhabi Island So Reem can be painful to get to and from. Peak hour traffic to and from al Reem is a nightmare.

Hi Katie,

That's great to know! Thanks a million x

Katiezee  is right,

You should look close by your work place because traffic will make you tired.if your work place is outside the abudhabi, then dubai is an option if you drive. These all depends upon work location.

dear in abudhabi best place is the reem island.
its very nice but its more expensive,

morour street, also nice and u can find something nice with good price


I'm from Ireland too:) ..I think yes it depends on where you work ..make ur commute as easy as possible. I and a lot more expats live in kalifa city near Al raha mall and mc gettagans it's a handy location but Al Reem looks nicer ..any question I'd be happy to help x


I am a 22 year old female from the UK moving to Abu Dhabi in the new year to start a new job.

I was wondering how you've got on with your move?