Compound accommodation help

I will be making the move to Jeddah on my own, my fiance will follow me later in the year when we get married.

I am looking for a place to rent within a compound that wouldn't be too big, ideally would be looking for a 2 bed place around 40000 SAR yearly. Is this even possible?

Would be willing to go higher if required but ideally around that 40000 mark. Does anyone have some good links for property?

I am not sure any compound would have a 2 bed at that price or even a 1 bed. Most compounds are 100,000 sr or higher.

Google Destination Jeddah as I believe they have a list of compounds or Jeddah Compounds.

Also do a search on this blog under Jeddah as there have been many posts on this same topic

We just moved, from Riyadh, into a two bed room fully furnished apartment within Al Salam Compound in the Al Rehab District in Jeddah and pay a rent of SR 65,000 per annum. Its a nice and cosy place with 80 villas and 6 apartments in the east of Jeddah on the intersection of Palestine Road and the Haramain Expressway. We find the place very comfy and are enjoying it immensely.


I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences in your compound? Have you enjoyed your stay?

Is it good for families?

A good social scene?

Are  you well looked after by management?

Hi Gentleheating,

I could see that youre interested in compounds in Jeddah?

I have a friend who lives at Mura Bustan Compounds. The place is very nice, perfect for families and their safety.


Thank you for this. I have heard very good things about Mura Bustan and it having a good community but the one thing that seems to let it down is the quality of the accommodation itself which seems to be very old compared to other compounds.

Also I have heard the number one nationality there is Japanese and maybe not so many westerners. Although I know Japanese people are known as very friendly people I just wonder what the community feel is like there for westerners?

What does your friend think about these points?

Hi. Any idea about rent  rates of studio accomodation in mura bustan?

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