Strange landlord or normal?

Hello to everyone in Belgium!

I live in Brussels with my husband. We have a flat rented for 1 year. Our landlord wants to sell this flat. Fine by us. She wanted to come and take pictures of the flat to put on immoweb. My husband and I said ok and cleaned the house the best we could.

When she came she became angry that we had not opened all the curtains of all the windows. She said,'How am I supposed to make any photos with all the curtains still drawn?'

Which is weird because she wanted to come in the late evening even. Anyone who is in Brussels right now knows that there is no bright sun after 6.

The landlord became angry and she said that she doesn't have time to open the curtains and they should have been open when she arrived. She also complained that the beds were not 'made'. The beds were made but not to her satisfaction. She complained that there were still blankets on the bed.

We still have a few months to go. Can someone tell me is this behaviour normal? How is it a reasonable expectation that we should have all the curtains open while waiting for her as she is not even someone punctual?

She was very aggressive and rude. After she left she literally sent very very long sms(s) to my husband claiming how cheap we got this apartment for (900 Euros is not cheap for a 2 bedroom) and that no one forced us to sign the lease. When she was leaving the apartment yesterday I asked her if she got the pics, that's when she was rudely saying all the things mentioned above.

I am very confused. Her behaviour is very strange. The first day she met my husband she went on and on about how she is happy to be divorced and now she can sell this house and how her son committed suicide. For the latter, I feel sorry for her.

What is acceptable in Brussels? I don't mind that she drops by now and then, with or without new people who may want to buy this house. But her attitude is something I'd not consider normal. Please help me.

Is it specified in the lease how you are suppose to keep your beds and curtains?  If not, politely remind her so.  It seems to me that her lack of time in being able to pull open some curtains is her problem, not yours.  If you haven't violated the implied terms of the lease, she needs to adjust her behavior.

If she has emotional issues, she should seek a therapist, not take it out and disturb you.


Thank you. There is no mention of how the house should look if she wants to take pictures of it in the contract. I actually checked our contract today and it looks pretty standardized, nothing special. Tomorrow she comes again. I really dislike how she is able to bully us with her rude remarks :( She wants the house to look squeaky clean like no one is living there ... except we are living here :(

She's only able to bully you if you allow it ;)  Her attitude sounds borderline like harassment.  Keep in mind Belgium is very pro tenant when it comes to the law, especially if she is somehow trying to drive you out of there with her behavior.  She doesn't have the right to comment or enforce housekeeping standards.  Even if she sells the place, the new owner must respect your contract until it lapses.  Depending on how long you have left there, you might need to sit down with her and have a calm discussion about the situation and remind her of the facts at hand.

I speak from the point of view of being both a tenant where I live (though not in BE), and a landlord of other apartments I own.

Of course not!
That is the behavior of Belgium people ;)
Just ignore them, they are always in bad moon and they are very arrogant.
I'm living soon this country, after 3 years suffering from discrimination and "superior" looks from them...

Antonio Alves :

Of course not!
That is the behavior of Belgium people ;)
Just ignore them, they are always in bad moon and they are very arrogant.
I'm living soon this country, after 3 years suffering from discrimination and "superior" looks from them...


Let's please avoid stereotyping an entire country and it's inhabitants and stick to offering useful advice or support.  Offensive comments are frowned upon around here.


Romaniac Experts Team

I learned to stereotyping here, in Belgium, sorry!!!
And i don,t think that i used any offensive or bad word!
One more time sorry if i offended you or someone. I sincerely apologize.
Good luck with you staying in Romania, i have some few friends from Romania, very nice people in deed.

Sorry to hear about your problems with the landlord, my wife and myself went through the same thing where we lived before. At least I found out a few interesting things about renting here in Belgium. Did the owner contact you by writing (certified letter) at least three months before discussing the sale of that flat? By law a short term lease in Belgium cannot be canceled by either party and in order for her to come inside of your rented flat, she needs your permission by also writing well enough in advance of her intentions to take pictures or show the place to other prospective tenants. Under no circumstances can she enter your flat during your absence or without your implicit permission. If you can read French I will gladly give you the websites that explain in detail what can or cannot be done when leasing, of course all this depends on what type of rental contract you have and what stipulations are indicated in this contract. I would strongly advise that you ignore this person and tell her of your intentions of hiring an attorney if this kind of behavior continues. I wish you and  your husband all the best of luck in finding another place to live without being harrassed by someone who obviously has no respect for the people that are paying her rent and that is not aware of the laws in this country.

You have a special landlord. Next you should make a movie about her. It will be nice to watch it when you will be old.... :)

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