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I am an Indian working in Belgium with a work permit type B (tied to my Indian employer). My work permit will expire in month of April and I have been asked to return to India. My spouse (also an Indian) has a job here with a valid work permit. I want to become her dependent. I don't want to return to India. Can this be done staying in Belgium? Can I just walk into the commune and ask them a form to declare myself as 'dependent'.
Any pointers/guidance is highly appreciated.

Its possible but you need to change the family status and make your wife as primary and you can join as family reunion, they will charge some money for that but its possible....good luck

Yes. Its a very simple procedure but a longer waiting time. Just go to your cityhall and say you want to become dependent of your wife and I guess you will have to show her payslips copies, copy of proof of residence(validated), police statement, and I guess you will need to wait 6 months for it to come through. Let us know what they say so info is shared.

[at]Solexhonda, Thanks a lot for your reply. I will already give it a try before my work permit expires.
Once I have gathered some information, I will surely share it here in the forum.
I hope I will get my residence permit renewed while the conversion to dependent is in progress..

[at]rohitaqua2001, thanks a lot for your reply.
As solexhonda adviced, I will first pay a visit to cityhall and talk to them to understand the procedure.
I hope I can look for a job later on once I am a dependent.


Here is some information I collected on the topic I posted:
It is possible to change from independent/work permit to dependent status. For this the spouse  will have to declare that she is the main source of income. She has to present her medical certificate, insurance copy, salary slips, work permit copy, certificate of good conduct and house contract, and a fee of 160 Euros. For me to convert the status, I too need same set of documents except payslips, but provide legalized marriage certificate + 140 Euros.
All these documents needs to be submitted before my RP expires. I don't know how much time it takes though from the time of application. It all depends on ministry to accept or reject this request.

One major catch here is, the five years of my stay here will be RESET TO 0. :( I will not be eligible for Permanent Residence. This was very weird to me - may be I need to check with the ministry directly on this. If anybody is aware of this last point, please let me know.


Yes, what you heard is true. That's because its a break in your status. If your 6th WP is not applied for then you've lost your chance for the PR. However if before your current RP A expires, if you manage to find a job on WP B then you will immediately get RP B (PR). However if you don't then you need to go as dependent on your wife and once you've completed 3 yrs as dependent on her and at that time if she has a PR then you get it as well. But its a 3 yr wait for you and assuming that she has PR by then which she will get when she applies for her 6th WP. Each time you change your status, the clock gets reset to 0.

Thanks Solexhonda.

By any chance do you know if I can apply for Professional Card? Or be Self-Employed. I work in IT (Information Technology). And if I apply for Professional Card will it be counted for my RP extension?
OR should I be a permanent resident to apply for Professional Card?
Sorry, too many questions - matter of fact - I don't really know who can give me clear inputs on all these :(
I don't want to waste my 5 years of stay - it's killing me from inside to learn that my permit clock will be set to 0 when I change the status to dependent. It's such a pathetic rule.

Yes of course you can apply. In fact because you are not yet a PR you have to apply for the Professional card to be eligible to pursue self employed activities. But you have to make a strong case so that it gets approved.

Now whether you can get a PR based on an approved PC is all dependent on how Brussels decides and that's something even your commune wont be able to tell you. The best advice I can give you for this is to go to a very good (expensive) lawyer- Bright Case, Fragomen and get advice from them. Let us know what happens.


I would like to clarify something.

will a status change cause a break in obtaining PR?

In my case, I am living in Belgium since June 2014 and my husband is living since April 2012.

I am starting my master studies in few days.

My current status is dependent.

I am thinking to change my status as student in order to obtain a work permit C

Does the status change from dependent to student affect in obtaining PR.

My husband is Eligible for PR on October 2017.Will I also be eligible for a PR,since i will complete 3 years stay as dependent.


Hi Ashok,

Thanks for the information.

I will be in the same situation as you were few times back. Can you please update us on what happened. How much time is required for someone to change to dependent from WP - Type B ? How difficult and complex the process is ? Also, how did you carried marriage certificate legalization process from Belgium ?

Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Narmatha,

Yes please DO NOT change your status as you will lose the chance to get a PR on the basis of your 3 yr dependency on your husband. Once you change your status all whatever you accumulated will get reset to 0 so please get your PR and then study whatever you want. Once you get PR you can also work anywhere without any permit so pls DO NOT change status now.

[at]solexhonda..Thank You for the reply.

I checked with my commune and they told me that the PR to dependent ( 3 years stay ) rule has been cancelled from last year.From now on, even if i am a dependent i need a uninterrupted stay of 5 years to get PR.

Hi Narmatha,

Yes I confirmed that as well. Yes its a 5 yr waiting process now. So the choice is upto you. An alternative is to continue your plan to study only as dependent and wait till your husband gets citizenship and then you can apply for an F-card which you will get right away which is also a PR - that is dependent on a Belgian citizen - assuming he qualifies for citizenship. But then you can also change your status now and work on permit C and then get F-card after your husband get citizenship. If you want to qualify for citizenship on your own you either wait 10 yrs after your first registered without working/with integration + A2 language or you qualify on your own if you complete 5 yrs stay but work fulltime 468 days in the preceeding 5 yrs and integrate as well/work 5 yrs continuously without integration but requiring an A2 level of French/Dutch. Hope this helps.

Hi Ashokbharadwaaj,

Now, I am exactly in same situation what you had in past.
Requesting you to provide further details please.

Your answers so far have been helpful. I am planning to convert my visa from a dependent to student visa. What documents will I need and how long will the process take?

Hi, just for one more clarification.

Does the status change and reset to 0 when someone goes working with Work permit B to Professional Card (Without gap in stay).?

Anyone who recently did the status change from Work Permit to Dependant? How much time it takes and any pointers on the process?

Hello Friends,

Hope you are doing well.

I am currently in discussion with employer based in Belgium and they want to hire me and they mentioned that they will process my Belgium Visa D for me and later my family can join. Currently I am in France in EU Blue card (18 months). On my current EU blue card I can join any other company without new work permit.

I inform the future employer that my EU Blue card which is issued in France will be accepted in Belgium but they mentioned I will not be eligible to work with EU blue card which is issued in France and they want to process single work permit for me which is Visa D.

I know Belgium also has EU Blue card. Future emplyer is offering me salary range which is above Belgium Blue card.

Can you please let me know difference between Visa D and Belgium EU Blue card?

I want my spouse can join company without any new work permit in future. Also, will it be possible for me to switch other company in Future years if I now proceed with Visa D?

Thank you in advance.

All this is discussed in many threads in this very forum.

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