Nanny's and Cleaners in Bratislava

Hi everyone,

We are a family of New Zealanders looking seriously at moving to Bratislava this year.

As my kids Dad and I both work and often have to travel, a live in Nanny and/or cleaner will be an essential thing in our lives.

Ive seen lots of ads for Au Pairs, but are Nanny's common, or before and after school childcare?

How do Slovaks manage the kids schedule when both parents are working long hours?

I imagine employing cleaners a couple of times a week should be fairly easy?

Thanks so much


Hi N,
a live in nanny is a pretty rare thing in Slovakia - it does not have a tradition. But you will find someone for cleaning and au-pairing fairly easily. There are many agencies, where you can search for ads: e.g. here: … -searchbox (only in slovak, sorry) or here: (not very cheap I guess, but offers all in one).  ;)
PS: I do not have experience with these sites, just gave it a quick search for you (in Slovak).

Thanks so much, really appreciate it😊

Just took at  look at the two sites.  A great place to start, thanks again for taking the time to search Katarina!

Living in Singapore, I might just be used to lots of travel and very long working hours.  Perhaps thats why Im looking forward to a more simple way of life. 

Cant wait to get there and start a new adventure for an NZ family.


Good luck with the search. Just my two cents into the discussion - we have used cleaning services of the Nanny agency. We dropped the service last month as since June, we had 6 cleaners or more coming in and out. They either didnt do a good job or kept leaving the company. The girls employed as cleaners are young students and they rotate and quit all the time. They are hired as casuals and the constant changing and unreliable promises made to us by the agency made us stop using their service.

P.s. Some private kindies have longer operating hours so u can collect your child after work. They are more expensive but your child is looked after and they have lots interactive activities for the kids. It depends on how old are your children. Where do plan to live? There are also mum clubs and shared baby sitting. I used to work as nanny while I lived in Sydney but Right now with my own 2 week old baby it wouldnt be possible.

Thanks so much for that feedback.

Its always valuable to hear from actual folks, its difficult to tell from websites.  Interestingly enough, I have not had a response from them anyway.

We will likely end up living out by the British School somewhere or in Koliba, Zahorsky Bystrica? Lamac, Devin area.  I know the school does have afterschool clubs (my kids are 5 & 7).  Hopefully the work schedule will be a bit more flexible than Singapore and it will be manageable.  I'm sure the other Mums will have some good advice once we arrive also.

PS:  Congrats on your new little one ... how lovely :-)  Enjoy.  If by any chance you do hear of someone looking for a little extra cash ... send them my way.  ***

Kind regards


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Thank you :-)

That Nanny agency is annoying and the cleaners didnt speak any english.

Might be worth to put up an ad on or even here. In the end we got a cleaning lady that works at my cousins restaurant. I can ask around. My aunt does look after children as well and she speaks conversational english.

Pop me a msg if you like once you are here. We live in Koliba, Devin was too far. To recommend you a reasonable real estate agent go to My British partner rented through them and they were very professional. They have other company Relocation smth that helps expats and they hold regular expat meetups too.

Good luck with your moving!

All the best


PS:  Just in case anyone else reads this post.  I found the site 'Great Au Pair' brilliant and there are a range of Au Pairs, Housekeepers and Nannys that look for work there.  Ive met some lovely Slovakian girls there and I think it will work out well. 

All the best.



Am not sure if you already found someone, if not, it would be my pleasure to discuss any possibility of helping you here in Bratislava :)



Hi Erika,

Sorry for the late reply.  I have found someone thank you, but ill stay in touch if anything changes. 

Kind regards


Hi Kinga > Try to post an advert in the Bratislava jobs section as well. Good luck.

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