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I am Chandrika and currently living in New delhi, India. I am planning to move to Bratislava in next 6 months as I have been offered a job with Gross salary of 1400 Euros. Need your advise that after all the expenses on decent living, would I be able to save a bit? What would be the cost of accommodation for one single bedroom with all the utilities inclusive in both the city and the old town or if I go for sharing apartment?

Please help me in finding the accommodation at the best price. Rest I guess would be manageable.  :)


I have been living in Bratislava for a few days now so I can't tell much about real cost of living (and I think it depends on personal preferences) but I am currently looking for a long-term rental so I can share my experience in this area.

Apartments in City Center are expensive and they are located in the very old buildings, even if they are completely refurbished so I wouldn't recommend this option. From almost any point within the city limits you can go to the city center by bus/tram/trolley in less than 25 minutes (at least according to schedules). Monthly public transport pass is 27EUR, cab ride is 5EUR.

You can find single apartment with utilities around 30 m^2 from 350 EUR but if you want something a little bigger and in good condition you should be prepared for 450-500 EUR.
3 beedroom apartments suitable for sharing can be found for 800-900 EUR but I didn't look for this kind of accomodation.

According to calculator you will get a 1 042 EUR net plus some meal vouchers which as far as I know are mandatory (3.15 EUR / workday). Average lunch in the city center is 5.5EUR. Prices of groceries you are going to use you can assess by looking at Lidl, Tesco or Billa websites (most common markets here.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks Chris!! It would really help  :top:

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I will move to Bratislava by next October

My questions is how to know shop rental in Bratislava as I will come as an investor

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