Grocery stores

Hello -

I am moving to Bratislava in February and would like to know if anyone has suggestions about where to get the best quality groceries, especially meat, produce and dairy. I don't know if Slovakia designates meat and dairy as "grass-fed" like the U.S. but if so, I would like to find it.

Any tips about where to buy good quality food is appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!


Good quality groceries are difficult to find in Slovakia.
Compared to western Europe the food here is sub standard.
For instance most supermarkets sell 2 kinds of cream, soured and cream for whipping-cooking ,no double thick or clotted cream.Fresh meat is nothing to shout about but there is a large variety of processed smoked sausages salami etc.
And another thing, don`t expect a SMILING :(customer service orientated supermarket worker to greet you.
I expect it`s the low salaries they get and being ruled by bad management.
But on a positive note there is probably more choice in Bratislava than Zilina where I am based.
Supermarkets are Tesco,Lidl,Kaufland,Billa and carrefoure.
Good luck

Thank you for responding!  At least I know what to expect now...

Where is the Beef you ask, well there is some somewhere but not for grilling. The stores are unclean by western standards. I agree with everything that snowy has had to say. For the love of god, stay in the US!

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Hello, actually groceries are much higher quality in slovakia than north america. most of the food is organic even if not marked so. There is still lots of local markets and local farmers. For groceries you can go to TESCO, JEDNOTA or BILLA, avoid LIDL quality of food there is not very good.

I definitely agree with all. being French, I absolutely HATE doing my grocery shopping here as I don't find any quality food. In quality, I mean good taste.
However, compared to the stuff in the US that is 100% artificial, this is heaven. Most of the stuff here is local, fresh, and natural.
When I want something better, i just cross the border and go to Billa in Kitsee. For example some fruits and vegetables not available here, great steaks for the grill, etc..