Is 1000 euros net per month enough to live in Bratislava?

Hi everyone,

I'm hesitating accepting a job in Bratislava.

The salary will be 1300 € (1050 after tax, I've been told). At first, considering it's not western Europe, I thought it might be OK, but after checking on renting prices, I'm wondering if this kind of wage enough to live in Bratislava?

How much can I expect to spend on food (supermarket etc...), mobile phone provider, internet access, council tax, Slovakian lessons etc... per month? Is it still possible to save a bit of money at the end of the month, or would it be impossible?

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Hi Celtic3,

your salary is above average and is a good one for Bratislava. Rental prices in Bratislava are ridiculously high compared to the salaries. You'll have to share a flat or live outside Bratislava to have affordable rental prices.

I don't know where you come from, but food is as expensive as in western Europe. (VAT on food is 19%) Many people in Bratislava go for shopping just over the border in Austria. Better quality of food and lower prices.

Internet + digital TV cost me 33eur/month. Mobile phone providers are slightly cheaper compared to western EU, but we're talking about a couple of cents per minute.

Public transport is very cheap: 0,90eur for 1 hour (or 1,5H in the weekend) or 0,70eur for 15 minutes.

What I tell people in general is that all foods & goods are as expensive as in the West and everything which is labor intensive is very cheap.

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i am karina ,i also will move soom to bratislava ,regarding my new job , i looked to the internet and i am surprise to find out that the prices over there are pretty much high, as the rent for example i wil be lucky if i can get a room to a decent price.


Hi Celtic3,

your salary is slightly above the average wage in Bratislava. Rental fee /even if you pay 400 eur for your own, one bedroom appartment in the city centre/ ishould cover energies, internet.. depends on the agreement. If you live centrally, you can walk pretty everywhere. Foreigners in Bratislava exchange info on facebook as well, you can ask more questions there. Hope you decide to come :)
Good luck, Z.

atleast you have yo get 1500 after the tax, otherwise you cant save any money

Yes, you'll be fine on that amount with money to spare. Maybe it won't be much money, but it won't be a problem making ends meet for sure.

In Slovakia a 1300 €  wage gross is 972.54 € wage net.