Enquiry about cost of living and accommodation

I got a job offering with a multinational company. I want to know if its is possible to find modest and cheap accommodation for a salary of 1,050 euro  and generally the cost of living with possibilities of thriving in other business sector.
Thank you

Hi Clinton,
If you find a room in a flat, that will be the cheapest form of accomodation. Cost of living is ok. You might find this useful, just the first one I found when I googled "Cost of living in Slovakia" https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/c … y=Slovakia
Hope you are happy in Slovakia, Denise

Please accept my best regard and forgive my manners for not greeting earlier on.
Thank you for the  helpful information and the website ( i had seen it earlier) but i felt hearing from someone on ground would provide clarity abd some form of assurance. I am most grateful.
Thank you.

It all depends on which town you'll be in.
There can be big differences across the country.

And is that salary net or gross?

Good Sir,
The amount stated is the net salary
And the city is Bratislava
Thank you Sir

I don't have much personal experience with Bratislava prices, maybe somebody else can advise you on that.

But I guess you will be in a small, maybe 1 bedroom flat, or as mentioned above, rent a room in a shared flat.

Rents for a 1 bedroom flat range from 300 eur - 500 eur per mont, judging from a quick look on some websites.

So you're not left with too much money after that.

As for food, travel etc. hopefully somebody else can help you with that!

I would say for that salary, you're better off in a smaller, cheaper town, but that's just my opinion. :)

Good morning Sir,
Thanks for the suggestion. My prospective work office is at Eeisteinova, Bratislava. Please what smaller & cheaper town can i possibly stay and spend a modest cost on transportation to the work location?
Thank you Sir.

I'm not sure, I'm many kms from Bratislava. I think you might get more help from Facebook groups. Maybe search Foreigners in Bratislava on facebook and join a group. Somebody there should be able to give you up to date information about rent prices and travel etc.

Okay thank you very much Sir.
Cheers have a great day