"minimum" salary for living in Bratislava ?

Hello Guys !!! I'm new here !!
I'm thinking to come and live there in Bratislava ..and I'd like some advices please !!!

How much is minimum salary to live decent life there ? I have seen rent prices are quite high for 1 bedroom apt! and also food and other things have quite similar prices to western europe !!

Thanks very much everybody for your time !!!


If your really afternoon the minimum you'll need to rent 20-30 mind away by trám from the city center in Karlova ves or in Dúbravka or ever further back down that láme. Cheap Single bedroom appartment goes for 380€ or so a Month, which covers utilities and internet.
Daily lunch menu in an average slovak restaurant is 4€ for lunch. Huge meals which are nice.
Trám to the city from these suburbs will cost u under 2€, if i remember correctly.

Ull propably also need a job :) there are many international companies in the center :)

Hope this gives u an idea! :)

It all depends on what you imagine under decent living. I would say 1000 is the minimum to live normally, but some people live from 500 (don't ask me how).

Thank you  :)

Yeah to cover all ur expenses and have enough left over for FUN ,you will probable need 800-1000€ A Month.

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