What do you like the most in Saudi Arabia?

annecollins :

Excellent private English private schools and tertiary education providers.
Friendships with people from everywhere.
Schools that teach ethics as matter of course.

Please share some names.

I love Saudi people.

Nice people and i love this contry

Relaxed life no hurry

As a Muslim, I enjoy the ease with which I can  follow my faith here. As a world citizen (corny phrase, I know - sorry!) I like the mix of nationalities and cultures.

Christine :


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Saudi Arabia?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Saudi Arabia and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

Thank you in advance,


It's the country that easily hired applicants,the currency is higher than most of our own countries, the salary is reasonable...no taxes, no alcohol, so no vises the more I can save money..and not so crowded and less air pollution.

Most importantly, being a Muslim.......access to Makkah and Medina!

Opportunity to learn Arabic......one of the most richest languages in the world!

A lot of quality family time.......

Subsidized living, cheap petrol, big cars and tax free pay..... are the monetary add-ons......

... I forgot to add: Shops and stores open late so you can go shopping after work

Kids for them are very special. There was a time when we pass through a flower shop they called my kids and gave them flowers, sometimes balloons. Always have freebies!

Hi Anas...Are u live in JUbail? Are u a freequent long driver. I would love to visit places ..PLs do reply...Thanks

the fact that i can't drive *rolls eyes*

Saudi people are great, they're cool I love them.
Food is awesome, power in general is reasonable, residential facilities are so bad, activities are about selling products, business or religious events. Rest of sectors, services are ordinary.
As a personal assess for Security is 99.9%, But driving here is safety issue for me, either walking. I think it's more cultural failure, I mean it's an international threat but it could be noticed in 3rd world countries, However, what is stunning in the most of KSA is diversity. You'll meet more than 10 nationalities everyday, I know you can find this atmosphere everywhere but here, it is a sort of international meeting all day long.
Good luck with your experiences.

let's try this in Español - no se puede

you mean, meeting girls not allowed hehe

Nick Jonas  :kiss:

If you are single and looking for girl of your dream.. saudi arabia isn't the right place but if you are married and you want to be faithful saudi arabia is the right place to be the good one.

:unsure  what's happening here guys? Be faithful to our selves whom we are... I am sure we can find anywhere good and bad people, no matter it's Saudia or any other country  :)

i have been living at Saudi Arabia 8 years ago  i like make a new friends  from a different countries and different cultures because saudia contain a many foreigners , in addition i like make a sport competition in many games like football , tennis

Family at home and only the reason for staying here is money 🙄

Agree with you ,but sometimes this make big problems for delaying and lazy.

Ease of practicing my religion, wonderful people, Makkah and Madina, encourages getting married for single men and women, best country I ever lived in (yes America included lol)

Being closer to the Medina and Mecca is the reason why I would prefer Saudi besides its limited entertainment options. Getting old i guess, all i am seeking is solace and quieter live.

Hi nada I m Danish living in Riyadh and I m looking for the job basically i m electrical technician have you any work or job for me

Mr Danish,
Perhaps you can try search a job through recruitment agency. Or your can try look at the job posting in expat if there is any job vacancy that fits your qualifications and experience.

Wishing you success in ur job search. I am pretty sure InsyaAllah sooner or later if you being persistent you will get a job.

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