Making final exit for family with Expired Iqama

Assalamalaikum Everyone,
Hope all of you are fine.

I would like to share my personal experience regarding the family levy fee and final exit for my family and i hope it helps the people with similar issue.

My iqama expired in feb 2021 and i wanted to send my family for final exit for which i tried all the sources to get a fruitful answer. Most of the people told that i ll have to pay  whole year dependent fee l, then renew iqama and only after that i can send my family on exit. I even checked with jawazat , my qafeel and other agents but no one had a concrete answer to this problem.

Today Alhumdolillah I have made final exit for my family and my iqama is still expired. Which Means that it is POSSIBLE to make final exit for your family even if your iqama is expired.


I logged in to absher app and tried to make final exit for my family. As the levy fee was not paid to it showed insufficient funds but the good things was that it showed the exact amount that was required for making final exit. Here how they calculate it:

Overstay months  + 2month extra ( final exit duration)
So in my case
I had to pay 6 months in total which is:
4 months overstay + 2months extra = 2500 SAR
As soon as i paid the amount through my bank, i was able to make final exit easily without any other error.

I hope this information helps the people with similar issue as I tried to read all the posts and tried contacting all the people but most of them had no idea about this and everyone suggested to pay all year dependent fee and then re new iqama.

Thank you for this, it helps!

Assalamulikum, can I get your contact number or my contact ***. I need bit more information
Looking forward

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@tahirumer73 Thank you, I am in similar situation. My iqama is expiring on 9th september but I have a new born baby. So i will make passport and update in jawazat, then even at that time my iqama expires, will make final exit after paying 2 months

@Ahmed Shaik23 hi brother, i just wanna ask because im confused and dont know what to do' My husband's iqama will expire this coming october 4..and we are planning to exit my 2 years old baby next month which is month of october i have to issue now the exit visa for my baby..or i have to wait  for my husband's iqama to be renewed ...hope you idea what to do thanks ☺️


Sir, my family”s exit visa is already acquired thru paying 2 months dependent fees, we just missed their flight and rebooked the next day, which is the day our iqama question is can they leave the Kingdom with the expired iqama? 

thanks in advance!


On my situation my dependent(3) missed their flight sept 6, rebooked to sept 7, but sept 7 our iqama expires.. they have exit visas acquired by paying 2 months dependents fee.. but with expired iqama already(1 day) can they leave the kingdom without any other problems on the exit immigrations?

@tahirumer73 can I please have your contact details. I have a similar problem and would like to ask you..