Misspelled name in international airplane ticket

Can somebody please help me or give me some advice because I don't know exactly what to do anymore regarding the misspelled name on my flight ticket. I already went to the agent where I booked and purchased the ticket as soon as I noticed the mistake but he said there's nothing he can do anymore. I also emailed Saudi airlines but replied to contact the agent. I'm still not at ease and still worried although the flight is still far. Please help...

It happens most of time in this country due to language problem. Just see if at least one part of your name as in passport match with that in ticket
For example suppose your name id  Garry Stewart Sobers
Then if one 'Garry' is in the ticket other parts different then still You can check in
If totally different
pay cancellation fees to Rebook the ticket in correct name

we had the same experience in  india  just last week  the travel agent was very unkind  however she said she would put a note on the ticket
we said NO Thanks  as long as your ticket is valid to get on the plane i dont see any issues  we didnot have any 
remember you have rights  go for it tell customs  if problem you did not write the ticket

best luck

Mick Saudi

Thanks for the message CSMISHRA!
Actually the mistake was only a 1 letter in my family name the rest are correct. I don't know whether a cancellation could be available and try to book for a new one would be best. But I'm trying my best not to. I just want the agent to correct it or the airline before my flight.

To all who responded thank you so much! I already told the agent but his kind of a rude person bcoz he said there's nothing he can do anymore. He didn't even bother to help and advice me what to do next. Anyway I already contacted the airline and I need to process it myself, there's a charge for the correction  but it's better than to be sorry later. Half of this was the travel agent fault although the agent is playing innocent and throw all the blame on me. He has the copy of my passport for goodness sake and his the one entering all the info in his computer but didn't even bother to double check. Lesson to be learn pay attention, focus and don't trust the agent. 🤗 To all who will book through travel agency, make sure u dictate letter by letter of ur name or ask him to dictate it to u once he finish typing it in his computer. Sorry to say I fall into a rude agent.

i have this problem now...
the very bad services from saudi airline.
But what the method that you used to pay the charge?
i've contact the technical team but ask for my credit card password!!

i booked my mother-in-law's ticket via saudi airlines. I misspelled her name by mistake. 😓Her name on the  passport is SARFARAZ BEGUM
I forgot the Z in sarfaraz. I am so tensed right now. Can you please tell me will there be any problem and how can i change it. Please help me.

Look, for small misspellings, it is not a big deal i.e. one letter different here and there.  As long as the overall name is in line with your passport.

If you have booked it via Saudi Airlines Website you can Visit its office or call on their toll Free Number and get the name corrected.
If you have booked it through any third party website then it needs to be cancelled and re-book again,
for re-booking you need to pay again as third party websites take 40 days for a refund.

It totally depends upon the Agent who issues the boarding pass whether to allow you with the mistake or not.

Please anybody can help me.. I bought saudia airline ticket and misspelled my name. My name is Bernie but in my ticket name is BEERNIE. Is that a problem?

Nope.  I have had worse.