Tattoo in Khobar or Dammam Area

Is there any good tattoo designer in and around Khobar/Dammam area?

I am just planning to put a tattoo somewhere and I'm also curiuos how it feels to have one. Please keep an open mind, BTW.

Thank you!

well first the pain of tattoo is aweosome its the best pain you could ever feel, second finding a tattoo artist is a lil hard I'm currently looking for one please let me know if you find one

OK, if I find one I'll let you know. My worry is if it's unhygienic. I've seen wounds and scars caused by unhygienic tattooing.

gonzrule wrote:

OK, if I find one I'll let you know. My worry is if it's unhygienic. I've seen wounds and scars caused by unhygienic tattooing.

It can be worse than THAT.  You can get hepatitis and even HIV if the needles aren't sterilized properly.  Be very very careful.

As some with extensive tattoos, it is my advice that you do not get it done here. You need to go somewhere it is licensed to ensure clean practices and clean needles. Or go somewhere where tattooing is part of the culture (like for traditional wood needle tattooing). Anything here in Saudi will be too risky.

I agree with some of the other guys said.. I really wouldn't go after a tattoo here in KSA... nothing really against KSA, in fact I wouldn't get a tattoo from any other country that has no background and tattoo culture..

Germany, Japan, US, UK, Brazil are countries where you will probably find the best artists in the world!!

Speaking of tattoos.. I just moved to KSA, and i was a little bit worried, given the fact I have a few tattoos in my forearms and leg... so far I'm covering them, but I wonder how people usually react when seeing people with exposed tattoos here in Khobar...

idol are you a Filipino here in Dammam Saudi Arabia! kuya! san ka banda d2 sa Dammam at kung magkno ang mag patattoo sau!

I think people react to it normally. It may be a different sight at first but nobody creates a fuss about it so don't worry

when u guys  get some one let me know as well..

can u help me to find a tattoo artist! that is clean performance! in Dammam Saudi Arabia!

I want to do tattoo designs. ..plz give me any one countect

Egypt is just around the corner :D

I'd be concerned re hygiene. Rather safe than sorry. My artist is in south Africa and I wait to have any work done.

What's the rate of the population of men being HIV+ here in KSA? And, is still possible to have in KSA an individual with Hepatitis B, given their strict screening regimen in visa application?

Bro please give me this person mobile number

I need to tattoo put in my hand please give me your number.

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I need to tattoo. Give me address and phone number

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Anyone know an tattoo artist or shops in dammam, clean and sterilized needle,  if theres please msg me.. Thanks

You can Message me or email me ***

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I got mine already :)

Who did your tattoo? Can you please message me the contact number and name. Thank you.

contact number


Can you message me contact number will females be allowed? I have heard that there are some in Qatif but not Aware of any nearer

please update us if you found a tattoo artist whos using a clean and sterelized needle.. al khobar or dammam area.. tnx.✌

Jerick M Tattoo is what you all are looking for, he's a talented Filipino tattoo artist, and a very friendly guy with a great personality, Jerick only do permanent tattoos, for foreigners, both gender, as for locals, you have to take full responsibilities and risks (post getting inked) since it's not widely accepted in Saudi culture and some may take it as an insult to Islam, not gonna go deep so I'll leave it at that.

I've chatted with him a while back, Jerick and his team are gonna open a 2nd branch in Khobar, hopefully in the 2nd week of April which is 3 weeks from now, the new branch will accepts female clients to get inked at the shop, the current shop only accepts male clients, and home service for female clients.

Not gonna post his shop address here, so don't sweat it, if you want to find out, you have to contact him directly through his Facebook, I'll be posting his Facebook account here, with his consent of course.

nagpatattoo ka na ba sa kanya kabayan? andito din ako sa khobar now, balak ko sana magpatattoo eh.

Hi everyone,

@mystical mojemio, could you please post in english only.

Thank you


but most of the artists are using a new needle for each customer!!

Hi, can anyone help me with tattoo artist here in dammam or khobar

look at my comment above, he's based in dammam  (sorry for the caps, my keyboard is broken at the moment)



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I'm here in jubail KSA..
I need Tattoo artist area from dammam and khobar area..

Am here in Aziziah and am looking for a tattooo artist if any could help

Search nyu lang nhez vapetatts fb page nya artist d2 s saudi

Nhez vapetatts fb page ng tattoo artist d2 s dammam jubail khobar

Jubail city center area ko sir..ask ko kong maglano to..

Magkano minimum sir.?