Driving License In Saudi Arabia 2022

The system to obtain a Driving license in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now updated,
Step:1 ---> Reserve through Absher Platform
Step:2 ---> Visit the driving school you have reserved as per the appointment time and give the test drive to determine the level of your driving. ( There are three steps one is Excellent, Good, and Bad)
Step:3 ---> You may be advised to pay the amount as per level (around 800 SAR for Excellent, 1600 SAR for good, for 2600 SAR for bad driving abilities. (amounts are approximate and included the medical tests. For the actual cost please visit the school)
Step:4---> After payment you will be given an online account where you can manage the training from beginning to end. No paper documents will be issued at this stage. Also, attend the medical test eye test, and blood group test on the same day inside the school. Outside testing is removed from the process according to this new system.
Step:5--->Book the appointment and proceed to the next step once you complete the one stage.
Thus you have a new online account and proceedings which is very much easy and handy.
The expected total expenses = Training fee including medical + License fees according to years (Approximate amount)
               Excellent           Good     Bad
2 years (800 + 90) (1600 + 90) (2600 +90)
5 Years (800 + 240 )(1600 + 240) (2600 + 240)
10 Years (800 + 460) (1600 + 460) (2600 + 460)

But thing is How to take appointment in Absher?

I am trying since a month but always alot not available
I had the same problem.  No available appointments in all of Riyadh
As of today, here are the available slot Dallah Driving School

Junior 30hrs Driving class  are from August 10 to August 18 @8:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Training for beginner August 24 to August 25 @3:00 pm to 7:00pm

@thanasekar665 i already finish my driving school and receive my driving certificate from Al-Menqash driving school in al quwayiyah...where can i go now to process the license., because i really don't understand what they are talking about..