New in town, no worries!

I'm Patrizia a viennese woman, I'm interested to prefer my english. I already travelled a lot and everywhere I met friendly natives.
Maybe I'm your friendly native in vienna. Woman and man, if you like to talk with me, we can meet us for a cup of coffee, tea or an cocktail, no worries, send me an email: patrizia.hiesel[at]

Welcome to Expat-blog, Patrizia71 :)

Hope that you establish new contacts soon.


Hey Patrizia,

I am looking to meet new people when I get to Austria. I am going to be there around Christmas time for my usual holidays but I am hoping to get feedback from people to help me decide on a permanent move.

And I LOVE coffee haha.

Hi Patrizia,

I sent you an email on your address. Maybe you can and want to help me with my research/quest for information...
When I'm visiting Vienna again (it's such a beautifull city), I'll let you know!
Kind greetings
Nicoline  :)

Hi Patrizia,

as I've lately moved to Austria, near Vienna, I would also love to make new friends here.
Hope, we all can meet up very soon for the first time!

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