about illegal user of iqama no. - SCAM?

yesterday someone calling me and he said i won 200000 thousand real andask me my iqama no,to my surprise i give can he use it even idont give my name

No problem with your Iqama No. ! this is a SCAM some call you and say you that u won so much amount in so and so process, and they even say that we are displaying your name on some local saudi channel as a winner.
If you dont belive them then they will say a pin number and say that is this is on you SIM Card Please Verify. Well surprisingly This number will be correct (as they have some connections in Mobile Operators Offices from there they get this right data ).
Then they will ask you to claim your Price money you need to buy a recharge card and or you need to transfer some Money to so and so account.
So Dont get Trapped in this sort of scams by transferring any amount of money or recharge coupons or anything.

This is not new to Saudi Arabia, Many illegal expats or some fraud peoples still doing such messages and calls in the Kingdom, Most of the banks and Saudi authorities requested the Expatriates and Citizens to not to answer such calls and report it to the authorities on a toll free number 330330.  They will try to ask your ATM card, Bank Account, OTP, etc.

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