how do you find flat shares in gibraltar

Hi looking for a flat share in gibraltar around mid September any advice . Are there any agencies  in gibraltar that offer  this thanks tel

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Re : Seeking Accommodation in Gib.

I am a British Citizen curently living in England. I intend to relocate to Gib in the near future.
I will be in Gibraltar later this year from Sept 9 - 14.  I would like to arrange to meet with other people who also seek accommodation. Sharing considered.


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I posted something similar yesterday... Looking at moving over mid-late September and figure a flat share is the ideal way to go given the rent prices. Send me a message if you wanna try and work something out :)

Hi it's my son who has got a job starting mid September and there doesn't seem to be any houseshare websites there so if you want to text me and I can pass it on to him ++++

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also looking for a flatshare from the uk to relocate to gib. have just come back from gib and there are flats available, not many, but there some available. if interested please drop us a line.

kind regards


Try La Linea rather than Gibraltar for flat sharing

Hi, if you want to email me on ++++ so I can pass him your details thanks

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there a a few agencies in gibraltar and if your interested in a flat share then please get in touch, better still, if you are there between the 6th and 10th of september we could meet to discuss.

kind regards


There are lots of facebay websites set up for flat renting out, flat searches, sharing etc etc, I suggest you go into facebook and search for Gib flats, sharing  etc. I myself have a flat and will be offering weekly rates for BnB guests, suitable for new arrivals while they search for a share, but not available until Oct 16th onwards...

I am going to move out my flat in the end of this year, and would like to see if anyone here would like to share a flat together. Just let mee know if you are interested in it, and we can discuss or even meet up for details:)

Hi there I'm looking for a flatshare just after Christmas..

Hello elzdraymc,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Gibraltar under shared accommodation. This will give your search a boost.

All the best

I am very interested in share a flat could you write to arrange a meeting.
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Hi Lydie,

Currently looking for a flat share. Any suggestions?