Parking place for a Campervan in Gib ?

Currently living and working in the Irish republic .Looking for sunnier  climes and warmer weather for my aching joints ! Been to Gib twice and loved it .Always wanted to  move to Gibraltar and find a job never been brave enough? I have a Camper Van is it easy to park ? Presumably I would have to find a permanent address to register for work and open a bank account .Would be willing to pay someone per month to park camper van until I get my self fixed with a room then a small apartment  . Rent negotiable .A toilet and shower included would be nice .Any takers ? Camper van is approx 5.5 metres long about 2.3 high .

Campervans are not allowed to park overnight in Gib

So you would have to keep it in Spain


Surely if I could find someone with a bit off road parking I could grease their palms for so much a month?

Who's palm you going to grease?

The Governor or the Chief of Police?

Possibly the Judge when you end up in court having your campervan confiscated?

So you are not allowed to park a camper van even on private property ? Jeez they are worse than xxx

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Private property in Gibraltar is extremely limited

Car parking places ( not big enough for a camper ) rent out at £300/month

Also many roads are very narrow and steep more suitable to motorcycles and small cars.

Whilst it is not impossible to park a camper in Gib you have to be a resident and you are still not allowed to stay in it overnight.You require a special licence from customs which require jumping through many hoops.

I would guess there are less than 10 campers in Gib, most very small

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Are you a resident of Gibraltar, Grumpy ? What would be my chances of renting a room then getting  a job in Gib?

I am Gibraltarian

I have no knowledge of room rentals or flatshares in Gibraltar although they are often advertised in La Linea.
You could try airbnb to get a foot in the door

Jobs, you would be competing with the 50% unemployed in La Linea plus many Eastern Europeans,
However your chances would depend on your skills

Hi I know you said you aren't allowed to park a motor home overnight in Gib but what are the laws on a Transit Connect conversion. I have family in Gib so being registered at an address is not a problem for work,bank etc. If it is same Highway Code as UK then there should be no problem in me sleeping/living in my van as long as I am parked within a permitted area?

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