Renting in Gibraltar

I have a few job applications on going for work in Gibraltar. I am just starting to look at options for places to rent. Is a £1000 a month about the lowest you can get for a studio apartment?

Hello Gaunty99,

In which region of Gibraltar are you looking for accommodation ?

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All over really. Any where in Gibraltar would be convenient. Guessing the rent cost would be similar all over Gibraltar?

It's based on location as well and often how modern or new the property is. Some faculties (the newer ones) now include a gym and pool) and conveniently located, near Main Street, near ocean village and near the beaches. Where as upper town has alot of hills and are often much older properties without  these sorts of facilities. Usually minimum is £1000 a month but I've seen some at £850-900 have a look at real estate agents called Chestertons they have a great newsletter that you can sign up for called Bitesize, not only does it tell you what properties they have available, but they give a generalised breakdown of all the news and the things happening in Gibraltar. Have a look at places like the hub. (I have one there, but it's currently rented out.) they sometimes have some available because there are some newer properties that have been built since this one that have pools. But the hob is very modern and very conveniently placed and has a great gym and meeting room. Hope that helps. Gibralter is a great little place to live very friendly and whilst it's not huge, you have the access to Spain, Morocco and Portugal on your doorstep, not to mention the weather. Good luck with your job interview.

Thank you for such an informative response.