Moving to Gibraltar and need a room to rent

Hello all,

I am moving to Gibraltar in a month or two and am looking for a room to rent. As you all know the rental prices inside Gibraltar are astronomical so if you or anyone you know need someone to split the rent / bills please get in touch. Or if you have any advice for finding a room to rent that would also be greatly appreciated.

I am a 27 year old, English, single, female, very easy going and not housework shy. I also do not mind sharing with males, females or couples (inc same sex)and age is irrelevant - I'm pretty much happy to live with anyone.

Thanks guys,


Hi Kimberly, and welcome to !

you should also post in the classifieds

I am planning to move to gibraltar on may 2011..

i would like to find a person or people to share the apt.


Hi Massimo!

You should post an advert in Gibraltar classifieds under Accommodation> Flat share, house share.


Hi Sallyjane,
My name is Carolyn and I need a place to stay in Gibraltar from the 2nd June to the 11th June as I am working in Ocean Village on a short contract (which may be extended)
Would you consider sharing with me just for the week or so ? I would pay £350 if that would be o.k. ?
If you could let me know asap before I make other arrangements i.e. a hotel ?
Many thanks
Email :

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