Purchasing a flat in Gibraltar


My husband and I live in France but are looking at purchasing a flat in Gibraltar as a source of income for the time being, but with a view of moving to Gibraltar in 6 years time when he retires.

I would appreciate if someone could please tell me if the demand for accommodation is high?

What estate agents, solicitors would you recommend?

Any advice, help would be appreciated please?

Thank you



Hi Lorraine demand is high..I'm looking to rent in gibralter and would def be interested in renting yours.

I'm 63 single disabled housing benefit/high rate pip.etc/savings/trust fund I would rent the property for the length of time you want. Long-term..

Look after the place etc.

They also sell off old housing stocking on via housing in gibralter???

Hello everyone and welcome Lorraine !

Please note that I have created this new thread on the Gibraltar forum from your post so that members may guide you.

All the best



thank you.