Best places to live in Gibraltar

Hi guys

I'm possibly being seconded to Gibraltar through my work. I have  a child, so for schooling purposes I'm pretty much going to be based in Gibraltar rather than Spain.

So can anyone give me advice on what areas are good to rent out in Gibraltar? I fancied the complexes with pools etc, but the rental seems very high for these and the actual living space tiny. I have a budget of around £1800 pm as that's what my work will pay for accommodation.

Any suggestions for minimum 2 bedroom apartments with some amenities and enough room to swing a cat, or is that the impossible in Gibraltar?

Also, talking of cats, does anyone know whether there are rental properties that allow pets? We're supposed to be taking ownership of my friend's dog in April and I'm wondering if a Gibraltar move would be possible with a pet.

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Try Ragged Staff, EuroTowers, Portman or Portland House, Brympton private block, Ordnance Wharf, Cormorant, Atlantic Suites, Water Gardens.

OV is expensive, small and overpriced (OV is Ocean Village). Depending on the estate agent, you can often get a deal.  Newer equals smaller which is why I have listed older properties for you.

Like everywhere, money is tight it Gib at the moment so go for it.  Two-bed flats in our block go for £800/900 a month.  £1800 sounds a lot to me. How long will you get the company to pay for your flat?

Thanks very much. yes it was OV I looked at and I loved the pool complex, but the apartments were tiny. Do you often have to pay services/factor charges on top of rent or is that included?

Apparently work will pay for the period of the secondment so I'm lucky in that respect I know.

I would have thought service charges were included. Put it this way, I run our block, and for the people who rent out their flats, I send the bills to them and they pay the service charges directly to me.  But it is a small relatively cheap block.  OV and others may well be different.

I've been to a few OV apartments, and they vary quite a lot.  The pool complex is nice (assuming you will be here in summer), but my preference would be for the Queensway Quay apartments (Ragged, Cormorant and King's Wharf).  I've got some photos of some of those on our decorating blog, so I can send you the link for comparison. 

Not sure of current prices, but a friend was paying less than a grand for a flat in Ragged.  We worked in a two bed flat there which was decent size (but it's all relative in Gib) and a two bed one in KW, which I again thought was OK.  My partner's worked in Cormorant as well, which he said was OK.  I'd be careful about buying in any of those, but renting should be fine. The main problem with them tends to be the pipework, but that applies to OV as well.

Don't know which agencies you are looking at, but we tend to recommend Brays (at OV), and Hills (Main Street) also usually has some decent properties.

If you are on a fixed time secondment, then I would try and live relatively near to work, and I'm guessing it's either gambling or finance.  But if transport doesn't bother you, you may like South District. 

Any other questions please ask or send me a pm.

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Hello velocette -> Do not hesitate to post an advert in the Housing in Gilbraltar section. :)

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Hi All,

we too are looking for a 2 bed flat from mid/late Aug, my wife is a teacher and will be starting work in Gib in Sept, £1k seems the average flat price, the cheap ones are all in Devils Tower Rd... If anyone knows of a 2 bed flat from mid/late Aug ideally less than £1k we'd love to hear fro you, as I said my wife is a teacher and I am a retired civil servant, we can pay cash in advance if needed! All help gratefully received!

Thanks Nick

Word of mouth and local notice boards are a good source of information.

Otherwise I find this is a good place to start

Hi Grumpy,

thanks again, I have emailed them, I'll chase them up!


Find-a-property offer a great array of properties and Darren is the agent who covers Gib, you can find a link to them on my blog, but also worth noting is the South District, which offers a lot more space and for a lot less money! The buses are very regular and depending on what area there are normally a few that will cover your area. Highcliffe House, The Cliftons are great properties with gyms / pools / parking etc...

You can get places on or off Main Street for less than a grand with two bedrooms.  One in our block was rented out last month for seven/eighthundred quid.  Pm me if you want to know about other agents, contacts etc.