Can anybody tell me what this means?

Hi all,

I applied for a family reunification visa. A month ago immigration made a decision to request additional documentation via consular post, which i sent through. Today i have received further decision but i am unsure if this is a positive indication or not?

Can somebody please help me by telling me what this may mean?

Décision:    Octroi du visa sur production de pièces complémentaires.
Date de la décision:    Jun 18 2015
extra info1:    Le poste diplomatique/consulaire compétent communiquera quelles pièces doivent être produites.
extra info2:    La décision est en principe envoyée le jour où elle est prise. Un délai de quelques jours peut cependant s'écouler avant sa réception effective par le poste diplomatique ou consulaire.

Hello ChloeWard

Its french, you can try google translate here :


Decision: Granting visa upon production of additional evidence.
Decision Date: Jun 18 2015
Extra info1: Diplomatic / Consular Office will communicate what parts to be produced.
Extra info2: The decision is normally sent on the day it is taken. A delay of a few days, however, can pass before it is actually received by the diplomatic or consular post.


This will mean in reality that the consulate will send you a letter telling you that they are lacking one or the other paper. And they will take a decision when the file is complete ...

Hi ,
I have the same status for my wife's Visa.  What documents are required in such case? and how to approach them ?

Hello, when did this status start to appear in DOFI website when you search for your application ?

The process is DOFI will send the decision to consulate. Consulate will communicate the decision officially (this is normally by electronic means)

The consulate where you lodged your application, will contact you via VFS with this information and demand for extra documentation as per feedback from DOFI.

HOpe this helps

Since we also have the same status, we called DOFI and they didnt mentiona botu any missing documents. What do you think this can mean? The only thing I can think of is the passport of my husband since he withdrew it.

Indeed. DOFI does not communicate with the applicant directly. DOFI communicates to the consular post from where the application was forwarded to them. consulate (via VFS (or the office where he made the application)) will be relaying this communication to the applicant (him). He can follow their instructions (basically must physically go there with the original passport and documents if any additional is asked by VFS).

That‘s what i receive before, it means that your visa is approve you just need to submit something (mine I submitted a flight ticket)

So dofi will already send the decision to consulate before they take the additional evidence from me?

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mehmetdurmushh wrote:

So dofi will already send the decision to consulate before they take the additional evidence from me?

They will ask you via the consulate additional documents and most of the time, the decision is yes. DOFI tells consulate something like this -> From our side, it is clear. You can grant the visa if this person submits these additional documents.

I have got the same message in DOFI website 2 days back and yet to receive the information about what is missing. did anyone had to face the same recently?

i am not sure when they will tell me what is missing.

the information available on dofi as below

Octroi du visa sur production de pièces complémentaires.
Le poste diplomatique/consulaire compétent communiquera quelles pièces doivent être produites.
Hi, I think you have to wait for the  email from the vfs what kind of documents you should provide (additional documents)

@nandhaselvakumar you can try contacting them if you want but you have to wait for their email. They will communicate for additional documents or information.. Good luck

How many days will it take to receive email from consular ??

How many days will it take to get again decision back  about visa, once the additional documents were provided.


I sent additional documents on 27 of October, but my visa application is the same as awaiting receipt of supporting Documents the visa application...

@siyam etemadi

Did you already received  any updates or still waiting, i have submitted on 6 November, still not updates.


They asked additional documents 2 times and we sent documents which they asked, but still the state is the same as awaiting receipt of Documents supporting...

But today I asked from infodesk and they said we received the documents and we added them to your file. And your request is in treatment and the status won't change until we make a decision.

What about you?

@siyam etemadi

i didn't received any update so far, still waiting for update, status is same.

When you sent the documents that they asked as additional by letter?

@siyam etemadi

I sent on 6 November 2022.


As they said me, your visa application is also in treatment.

So don't worry