dependant visa type d for belgium

my husband is already working in antwerp since oct 14 on type d visa...for me and my daughter we applied  for dependent visa in march end ...after one week they asked to make some payment in euro according to some rule change...den after one week they asked for me and my daughter original birth certificate which we will submit apostile. all documents are correct. much time it takes for visa ...pls let me know

You will find almost all informations on this website

But unfortunatly the administration has a 6 months period to answer you.

The duration of treatment can not be specified accurately. It may vary according to the complexity of the cases, the quality of the documents submitted, etc ...

In any case, the request will be processed only really from the time it is complete.

In this regard, it should be noted that in terms of long stay (family reunification and ASP) and for short stay (only for visa for marriage) most requests will be forwarded to the Office for Foreigners

any idea what other documents can be asked...v have given pcc, medical, husband resident card, visa copy, mutuality document from there for medical, birth proofs, passports,  and payment required to made in euro as per article 9...and invitation letter from there....all documents are legalised and apostile. ..

Your marriage certificate also (sure you must have provided this).

If the file is sent to Belgium (nowadays consulate in India are sending all the applications to the foreign ministry in Belgium for verification and decision making), the average turn around time is 4-5 months (unless something drastically improved after March:) ) to get a decision.

After the file is sent to Belgium, you can use the link provided in the other reply on this thread, to track the progress.

Thanks for the prompt response. ..yes i have provided marriage certificate also...(notarised )..i wasn't aware that process takes so much time..

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