Presentation of members in Brussels

Hello and welcome on!

We invite the new members in Brussels and surroundings to present themselves in this discussion :)

Are you living here since some time or did you just arrive?

What brought you to Brussels? What passionates you, do you have hobbies?

Thanks for your presentation and see you soon on expat-blog!

Hello All,

I arrived in Brussels about 3 weeks back. I was posted here by my company and I was previously working in Singapore. Am an Indian and can speak Hindi & Telugu fluently.

I am trying to pick up French now =) I do have quite a lot of hobbies but they are mostly indoor hobbies. I do love mountain biking and intend to go once a week or at least once in 2 weeks.

I am going to be living in Auderghem area. Do feel free to add me as friends and drop me a message or two =) I would be more than glad to make more friends =)


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